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Markers That mucho sucko

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by sKope, May 23, 2004.

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  1. sykegraffiti

    sykegraffiti Member

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    posterman chisel tips, streaky as fuck and dont last, plus the white is fuckin see through

    DZEDOZER Senior Member

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    The fuckin montana 30mm. Nib is wide as fuck, but streaky as fuck. The 15mm is pretty dope though.
  3. mefisto

    mefisto Senior Member

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    I bought Posterman markers, 15 mm and 50 mm. They were pretty cheap,the 15 mm was just 3 dollar and the 50 mm was 4.5 dollar
    They are water based ink and you can wash it before it dries.
    Now the problem is, when you open the 15 mm one it freakin blows up! Like ink is spilling everywhere! They wroe HI-Opaque but this shit doesnt even fade pencils!
    The ink is kinda normal, but I guess you wont get a hard job buffing those. The nibs are pretty good though! I dont know if you can refill the 15 mm one, but sadly the 50 mm nib can not be refilled, they wrote dont take the marker apart, well I will haha...
    Another wack thing is after time without using it, the ink in the nib will get discolored, you can remove it with a tissue, but its pretty wack.
    I was delighted with the 50 mm one tho, also cuz it was half the price of the MTN one

    If you are practicing on a soft wall get this, but if you are serious boy then get mah MTN 94 Marker
  4. thedude234

    thedude234 New Member

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    Paint pens that you buy from local art stores, every sharpie pen sucks. They dont last long, they smell and suck..
  5. biblebeltbangerz

    biblebeltbangerz Elite Member

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  6. ChemicalWarfareBrigade

    ChemicalWarfareBrigade Senior Member

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    Back in like 2000 I got some markers from "The Bomb Shelter" in Manhattan called like "Poster Art" I believe. They looked cool and were about and inch and a half wide felt tipped, but they leaked. A lot. I also never really liked the grey unmarked deoderant sized ones u fill up with your own ink cuz I could never find anything big enough to write on with them most of the time. Mostly just streaks for me (i like sakuras more than sanfords); they don't fade, dont smell, and they don't look too suspicious in your pocket.
  7. ur210

    ur210 Senior Member

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    krink k51
    ink is easy as fuck to buff and you need pliers to open that shit so you can refill it
  8. Mag

    Mag Member

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    I didnt like united cans, personly. I have MTN ink, STINKS LIKE FUCK!
  9. dudeatyahoo

    dudeatyahoo Senior Member

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    Sharpie king sizes are alright for a month but get streaky really quick. I find krink products to be over rated also.
  10. BridgeRat

    BridgeRat Senior Member

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    Testors and rustoleum paint markers dont work well for me on slaps. even elmers works better.
  11. writingis4life

    writingis4life Senior Member

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    Sharpies are shit always exploding on me
  12. Cronanberg

    Cronanberg Member

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    I'm not a fan of molotow in general. Their stuff fades and the spray can valves are uncomfortable for some reason
  13. Themysciran

    Themysciran Member

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    The montana ones are better for actual painting on canvas etc. Molotow markers seem decent, although I haven't ventured out yet, still developing my own style :) Does anyone have experience with the Molotow Tank marker and what ink to put in it?