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Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by imported_newz12, May 2, 2004.

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  1. dior

    dior Senior Member

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  2. CrustOner

    CrustOner Elite Member

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    Except acrylic paint fucking blows. And check if it's airtight first, so no leakage happens.
  3. Siner

    Siner Senior Member

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    Yeah this will work, I have one with the glue in it that I use to seal up the threads on my markers. It's airtight, but the hole on the tip is kinda big so make sure the paint is pretty thick.
  4. DUNYA

    DUNYA New Member

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    I am new and just made my own green marker with a deoderant roller, it actually turned out pretty nice thanks
  5. Five Sixx Ace

    Five Sixx Ace Senior Member

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    ^ super cool story bro!!!!!
  6. BigBlueViolence

    BigBlueViolence Elite Member

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  7. bigdic

    bigdic Senior Member

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    the only thing half decent you can do with acrylic paint is just straight up catch tags with the tube ..
  8. Drips 1

    Drips 1 Member

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    any good markers for freights? good ones that dont fade?
  9. ReKoNe~!

    ReKoNe~! Banned

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    streaks work best
  10. drOping

    drOping Senior Member

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    Can some one point me in the write direction for some good markers. Something that is like paint pens, thin and thik tips. All i gots is sharpies, and they suck and you can't write over them you know what i mean? Sorry ima toy but...not for long!
  11. ReKoNe~!

    ReKoNe~! Banned

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    go to micheals they have alot
    Garden craft
    Wood craft
  12. Rambooboo

    Rambooboo Senior Member

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    dont forget stampendous
  13. The Most Sadistic

    The Most Sadistic Elite Member

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    stampendous or staz on filled with GK or your own ink. If you're lazy just grab some streaks/uni paints.

    I just looked up this store near me that might have Texpens and Markals!! I'm going to stop by there first thing tomarrow. It's called W W Grainger? Never even heard of it before but it seems like another homedepot/lowes type deal.
  14. JadedSketches

    JadedSketches Elite Member

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  15. The Most Sadistic

    The Most Sadistic Elite Member

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    Yeah thats how I found the Grainger store. I just went by there today, looks like you have to have a fucking account with them like costo or sams club etc. They had a bunch of good shit too, but it was all in the back of the store and they have to go get it for you, so I couldnt rack anything. FUck. They had a whole slew of uni paints, texpens, markals, mean streaks, sakuras, marsh metal industrial pens, and a bunch of shit I never heard of before like this...

    [Broken External Image]:

    Ink Based Permanent Marker, Bleed Through Marker, Valve Action, Black, Point Size Chisel Tip, Bleeds Through Most Paints and Primers, Permanent, Ink Base, Large Ink Capacity
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    i was watching tv and saw a commercial for cortizone 10, they got a dabber like cvs stain remover except it looks bigger. anyone want to save me some time and tell me if they work well. i assume they do and i could get them at cvs or maybe a grocery store.
  17. JadedSketches

    JadedSketches Elite Member

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    those are the same markers as the krink k 71s but krink relabels them.
  18. ErrorOner...

    ErrorOner... Elite Member

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    nah they are definitely different from k71's...check it out
    View attachment 482867
  19. H3TT1NG3R

    H3TT1NG3R Elite Member

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    ^nah the bleed thru not-krink ones are smaller. if you want k-71's, look for arrow-mark mighty markers, i forget the exact model but its one of those you'll see its exactly rhe same
  20. ..romero..

    ..romero.. Elite Member

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    speaking of krinks i was thinking about ordering one of those k-66 steal tips which i thought looked hella dope...only thing is i dont want to spend 12 fucking dollars for i decided to make one:)
    it was one of those nasal spray bottles i found and some leather dye.i didnt want to put my good ink in it yet becuase i wasnt too sure if it would work that well but it nib to fuck and easy to make and will go on every doesnt work very well on reall bumpy surfaces but you can also spray with it (its mad squeezable) so yeah its actually prety dope and really cheap to make.and it doesnt drip....what so ever.(in your pocket and drips hella hard on the wall lol)