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Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by amet one, Sep 19, 2005.

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  1. step one

    step one Senior Member

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  2. philmjejames77

    philmjejames77 Member

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    if im like bombin somethin huge ill wear just a bandana, but if im doin shit under a bridge, where the fumes just chill like right in front of u ill wear the resp. i have. cheap.
  3. klipa

    klipa Senior Member

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    mate it may stop the colour but you still get a lungfull of nasty gasses and heavy metals
    and if you can smell it then its doing you in

    as for me i use a 3m resp. the down side is, you legging it with a mask on.
  4. G-RAF

    G-RAF Senior Member

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    yeh.. a skimask wit a joker(from batman)smile drawn on it.

    but for quick thowies, dont need one.
  5. ruse

    ruse Senior Member

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    scarves are ok too
  6. bacK-home

    bacK-home Senior Member

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    I just use a bandana but im lookin into getting a mask.
  7. minor crimes

    minor crimes Elite Member

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    if ur running with a resp cant u run and take it off at the same time and keep running once you go it off????
  8. Karma

    Karma Senior Member

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    Ahah yes, i mean its not glued to your face. Just undo the strap over the back of your neck, then peel it off your head. Fairly simple, and everyone should pick up a respirator if they don't have one, it doesn't matter if its outside or not. You'll get fucked up by those fumes.
  9. Attican

    Attican Senior Member

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    Yeah, I'm gonna get one as soon as I can. What do good ones normally run for?

    And how much do fresh filters cost?
  10. care

    care Member

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    3m paint respirator.
  11. dxtreme

    dxtreme Senior Member

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    I take what you would probably call a head covering and i wrap it around me head all you can is my eyes and it looks like one big bandana
  12. Attican

    Attican Senior Member

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    Can anyone tell me pricing for a respirator?
  13. -s|N-

    -s|N- Senior Member

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    Yea I use the basic 3m mask with particulate filters which is roughly 20-25 bucks. It's really bulky thought...This is what I would want to use:
  14. BestOne

    BestOne Member

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    Me and my crew STR all have scream mask's that we use for bombing
  15. BestOne

    BestOne Member

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    Me and my crew STR all have scream mask's that we use for bombing
  16. IPOE

    IPOE Member

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    Full ninja suit :ph34r:
  17. KONG

    KONG Member

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    respirator with a hat and my hood up
  18. Fluffy Bunnies

    Fluffy Bunnies Elite Member

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    I wanna go looking like dis guy... I won't look like I wanna hurt anyone, I will look like a clown kinda type or just a weird guy....
    [Broken External Image]:

    BTW.... if you want a cheap respirator, piss on a rag and put it to ur face... that's was the first gas mask ever and they did that im wwI to keep out the mustard gas or whatever. So a piss rag should do you fine.
  19. prcd

    prcd Member

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    a bandana so i kepp hiddin even thow im like 6,5 230 but what ever or a quick latch resporator
  20. pastense

    pastense Member

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    i gotta 3m 6001 i wear for anything with a fill
    i get bad headaches that last 2-3 days because of a couple overexpouser incidents
    plus it looks bad ass and matches my all grey fitted an NBs

    for tags and hollows i just put my hoodie up and try not looking suspect