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Metal head marker - which one to buy ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TEKRO, Aug 23, 2015.

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  1. TEKRO

    TEKRO New Member

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    Hello, wanna buy marker with metal head. Which one of following should I buy?

    1. Grog Metal Head 04
    2. Krink 66
    3. Sub ink-Stell ball

    Thanks for any advice!
  2. ethan

    ethan New Member

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    i'd advise grog, most bang for your buck.
    krink is overpriced asf
  3. Bazer

    Bazer Moderator

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    buy all of em then you can let us all know what u think... maybe thats what i should do huh
  4. CacerOne

    CacerOne Senior Member

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    ^ haha, honestly the best way to find out.

    ive only ever used the grog, definitely took some getting used to. at first the paint came out kinda really thick in some spots and really thin in others. just gotta learn what kind of squeezing works best for the result you want, and gotta squeeze consistently
  5. CacerOne

    CacerOne Senior Member

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    but i do have to say that i love it now that i got it down. its perfect for those spots that will just shred your mops nibs. and perfect for writing on whatever the fuck kinda sandpapery ass paint that the buffers use.
  6. clineee!

    clineee! Senior Member

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    grog, tell me what u thought
  7. sKuNkTOthe3

    sKuNkTOthe3 Member

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    I've purchased a few Montana dripstick rollerballs and a few Grog Metalheads.

    First of all, let's talk paint. The paint that comes in the Montanas is far superior to that which comes in the Grogs. The Molotow chrome makes the "burner chrome" that comes in the Grogs look like dog shit in comparison. Seriously. (Although the "slimer green" is pretty dope!)

    The Molotow doesn't have as large of a carrying capacity as the Grog, but it is far slimmer and easier to conceal / carry.

    The Molotow has a larger ball without metal all the way up to the base where the ball is mounted. With the Metalheads, there's metal almost exactly parallel to the roller ball, so in my experience I find it dragging and smearing paint too much. The Molotow is a lot easier to use in my personal opinion.

    I just haven't been able to develop the 'feel' for the Metalheads very well. It seems like they have to be held 'just so' or else they don't wanna work right.

    Anyway, I gotta split but let me just say this:

    Pro: paint quality, paint consistency, paint opacity, easier to conceal, smoother write
    Con: maybe not as durable as the metalhead, less paint capacity

    All in all I'd take the Dripstick rollerball over a metal head any fuckin day