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My insane story getting caught

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Paint Magic, Apr 27, 2009.

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  1. Paint Magic

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    For this im going to use my friends names as bob and mike. ok now i dont really write nomore but my friend mike had called me up saying he was going to meet some people tagging up an island off the shore that had and abandoned village on it and asked me and bob to come so we did. We meet up with mike at the parking lot and he grabs his co2 bb gun, a knife and bunch of other stuff and we start our 2 mile walk during low tide to the island. ive never been to this place before but i heard alot about it and people throwing crazy parties out there so i was pretty excited. We get to this abandoned village and we find mikes friends tagging up everywhere. as they were tagging mike joined them and me and bob decided to start destroying everything we got our hands on for fun. so first we tried to make a house collapse by knocking down all the support beams but that didnt work too well and then started shooting out windows with mikes bb gun and finally threw a bathtub out of the window on the second floor of one house. after a while we all come across this one house seperate from all the others surrounded by a barbed wire fence that also looks completely abandoned so one of the writers there broke back a piece of the fence and got in and began throwing pieces everywhere. as they were doing this me bob and mike decided to get in this house because nobody else had broke into it yet. we got a metal pole and pry off the wood covering the window, smash the windows and then kicked the window frame out. we get in and to all of our amazemant inside is a completely lit up room with an entire wall of big computers and wires going everywhere. there was gauges with needles flickering back and forth and big levers on the walls and last but not least an alarm system too. none of us had any idea what we had found but the alarm system scared us away from the house even though it never went off so we continued to the other side of the island to mess with other stuff. Now we are all on the other side of the island and i borrowed some kids paint and began writing up my old tag everwhere i could. as i was doing this mikes friends had left to go home. after another half hour we ran out of paint and started our walk back to the parking lot but as we were walking we see all of mikes friends standing in a circle in the field through the trees so mike says that he thinks they are talking to cops and we should go back but bob denied it saing they were chilling in the shade and kept walking down the path we were on so we followed. now this is where the story gets crazy we are walking down the path and out of nowhere a big guy runs up to us with an mp5 wearing a uniform saying SCUBA on it and aims at us. bobs jaw drops and immediately says " holy shit thats a real mp5!" the guy yells at him saying " yea and i will shoot you with it if you make one fucking move!" so he ask us to drop any weapons we have to the floor immediately. mike drops his bb gun and knife and bob drops his knife. at this point i had found a shotgun shell earlier and had it in my pocket but chose not to drop it. so he takes the bb gun emptys the clip and says how he has new toy as he puts it on his belt. the first question he asks us is coincidently about the house that was broken into but we all denied it. then he asked what we were spraypainting as he saw all the paint all over our hands and clothes and asked if we spraypainted the house. we denied this too saying we only spraypainted the other houses. so he turns to me first and ask were the cans are and i said i dont know we tossed them. then he takes everyones ID's and says to me i have 5 minutes to go run and find all the cans right now and comeback. without hessitating i sprinted looking for any can i could find as i ditched the shotgun shell i found earlier. i come back with two empty cans and one full one and follow this guy and my friends back the group of other writers that were caught. he takes all our information down as two more guys not in uniform are walking around the house talking on what looked like big black phones. As we are sitting here the guy tells us that this is going to be investigated and any fingerprints connected with us will result in our arrest and we should confess now but we still denied any involvement with the house. So this guy still holding the mp5 now tells us local cops will be taking us away back to shore, so 2 cops eventually came and walked us backed to the parking lot where their seargent was waiting as the guy with the mp5 and 2 other guys stayed back at the house. luckily the cops that walked us back were very laid back probably the nicest cops i ever met. i asked one of them what was the deal with those guys back there and they refused to say anything. when we get back to the parking lot the cops only write us fines for tresspasing even though we were obviously painting and had backpacks full of spraypaint. they never found out who broke into the house but i dont think i will ever know what was in that house and why that guy came out of nowhere with a mp5 however i do know that im never going back to that island. peace
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