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Need Inspiration? Look Here

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by GeSuS_KRiST, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. GrafficTraffic101

    GrafficTraffic101 Member

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    Here's some really good inspiration for all you bombers out there.

  2. dangeri

    dangeri Elite Member

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    I'm not saying that my work is inspiring, but didn't know where to put this and taking a look at where I've come from has inspired me to push on at least. First S is 12th August 2014, and the last 3 weeks ago. The changes and/or tweaks to my letters have generally been gradual, with no full re-invention, so at times I have felt stuck in a rut or bored with what I bring to Graffiti. Now I cant wait to look back in 2021 and see where I'm at.

    IMG_9737.JPG IMG_9738.JPG IMG_9739.JPG
  3. skrit.

    skrit. Senior Member

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    What? Dude clearly not.
  4. Garry

    Garry New Member

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    Beautiful graffiti! But my inspiration come to me after using some ganja :)
  5. zoup

    zoup Elite Member

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    This is my all time favorite peice from a battle(Sunie) on an old graff forum, mindgem. this isnt mine obv, holy shieet i had to share, this shits beatuiful. to this day. its still is something i look forward to become and evolve it my way. His/her fills are fucking dank

  6. BombingWriter12

    BombingWriter12 Elite Member

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    7bbcaa536048e2ebbe1ef461a7648897.jpg 9b7aab96c02ca1df1a11d75d002474e4.jpg 4490b02c028f99a0440e59cabd2b248b.jpg
    some black and white sketched i found on
  7. David Seufzer

    David Seufzer New Member

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    I love this style of art
  8. BombingWriter12

    BombingWriter12 Elite Member

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    heres some inspiration like a motherfucker

  9. BombingWriter12

    BombingWriter12 Elite Member

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    its like he or she was tripping and just looked at the wall and drew what he or she saw idk how people do shid like this
  10. EBA

    EBA Elite Member

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    Here's some not-quite graffiti or non-graff stuff but it keeps my motor running... [p][art]fucking-taggers.png 00bacdb39a4d172b838bf0c7552efdf8.png 1bf9e040920dad9ebc7bd9b44a2df6d8.png 2dd51faa6f5c94aa5231f47ffb2279fe.png 003aa91e33718f039a2d590511713095.png 06.png 8bf51b70c09d84f7795a8e9eb7dfb113.png 8e810e524bc7479bf7024ab10e2a5167.png 26c3812b00c808c5de444a138c25882b.jpg 30f61640b7f1850627326f14e82e5d1d.png 37d04c976e959c92ec0d4333b531acbe.png
  11. EBA

    EBA Elite Member

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    I have so much more in my collection of inspirational art I could easily fill my own thread so I am just giving you highlights. 0adhfdas hfh91.png 2fbf2693897c6be70648469d47857f13.png 7 sins skull.jpg 37de8992f6540228bbc1a252a45bb1fd.png 71b94d6eb610c330911db0c75701d435.png 79d68d95f195c07e30b9e84fbbdb77fb--poster-s-design-posters.png 549c5322678907.56316a0f46c96.png 605f9e5231992f26a6cd3052678f397f.png 851b0dc79d2e1c125cdab443a6a96560.png
  12. EBA

    EBA Elite Member

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  13. BayAerosoul

    BayAerosoul Senior Member

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    Artist: Girafa
    South Bay, California

  14. vigostar

    vigostar Senior Member

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    Thats what I call a "Wild Style". Masterful! Here is my contribution showcasing the work of Justin CORO Kaufman..






  15. vigostar

    vigostar Senior Member

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    Ive always looked at Graff as much more than placing your name on a wall. And altho when I was much younger I did partake on the "vandal" side of things it never quite felt right... So, I focused on the "artistic" side of this art genre and in doing so I began to explore unconventional ideas and styles... To me graff has always been "hood art" but, just because it's hood doesnt mean it has to be rudimentary... With that being said.. Here is an artist that dances on the cusp and pushes traditional fundamentals into the abstract and obscure.





  16. aerosole1125

    aerosole1125 Senior Member

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    Graffiti raffia I couldn't c ur picture