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New Cans

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by MASH ONE, Apr 12, 2005.

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    MASH ONE Senior Member

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    yo i just went to wal-mart last night and saw that they just put up some
    new cans made by krylon called "H2O".the paint is latex and it says that
    it has from low to no smell.if anyone has tried it ,post the results.
  2. cyras1

    cyras1 Elite Member

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    somebody mentioned that on 12oz prophet i think it comes off the walls and stuff with in time and wheather.
  3. DismGraffiti

    DismGraffiti Senior Member

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    ive seen those too but i didnt pay much attention to them
  4. Hpnotiq

    Hpnotiq Senior Member

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  5. Aven

    Aven Senior Member

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    I saw them the other day but i heard that the paint sux from a friend. I never used them myself though

    MASH ONE Senior Member

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    so i guess they aren't that good for bombs or pieces huh!well i guess you could bust a tag with it since it is latex paint,it problably go over other shit that you going over.might buy one today though
  7. bigbomba'

    bigbomba' Elite Member

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    if its latex paint it should blows and be washable with water
  8. wreckone.

    wreckone. Elite Member

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    i did a tag on a sign in fron of my school with an offwhite can of that laytex krylon in the beginning on the school year and it's still there, it doesn't stay on sement though..
  9. Ravek

    Ravek Elite Member

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  10. XworseX

    XworseX Senior Member

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    they have ny fats on them.

    or some type of fat
  11. wreckone.

    wreckone. Elite Member

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    if you're addressing that to me, i don't understand you.
  12. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    ...who cares
    paint is paint
  13. mad

    mad Elite Member

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    ya, but u can peel latex off
    thus making it a waste of time to paint with it
  14. CityWide

    CityWide Senior Member

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    Just stick to regular paint man more reliable..
  15. Kronone

    Kronone Elite Member

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    fuck it, lol use montana or normal krylon or sumthin, stop asking questions,lol
  16. MitNGEK

    MitNGEK Elite Member

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  17. MrCzar

    MrCzar Senior Member

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    The paint itself doesnt suck. It's just not for graff. I've used it for painting duck decoys and it rocks for that. For graff though, I would have no clue why you'd buy it.
  18. Dr.evil

    Dr.evil Elite Member

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    oh so thats what u wash with..
  19. MitNGEK

    MitNGEK Elite Member

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  20. 211_24-7

    211_24-7 Senior Member

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    anyone who buys this dont deserve to paint

    Krylon H2OTM

    Color & Product OfferingKrylon H2OTM is an exciting breakthrough in spray paint technology. Its patented low-odor water-based formula allows the user to paint indoors and the soap and water clean up makes messes a thing of the past.

    Soap and Water Clean Up
    Low Odor
    Fast Dry Durable Finish
    Sprayable Indoors & Outdoors
    For Wood, Metal, Wicker, STYROFOAM® Brand Foam and More

    Its WATER BASED dumb ass kids...