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New Jersey

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by "*ZAR*", Jul 1, 2006.

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  1. xtitansx0

    xtitansx0 Banned

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    anyone know ason aids loser or peso?
  2. flight of icarus

    flight of icarus Senior Member

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    im just trying to figure out who he even is.
  3. drop one.

    drop one. Senior Member

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    is seen a wives throw on 280 it was mad sik bump those wives pieces
  4. ndabkeastc

    ndabkeastc Senior Member

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    i got a poccet full of cash a stable full of hoes,
    an honestly who can match my freshness with my vast collection of clothes???
    ,azzure omavi hollister i rocc it an still keep it hood enough to have that flag in my LEFT poccet...NCeeeeeeeZ dont grow on trees...
  5. _ABC_

    _ABC_ Senior Member

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    loser is aids...peso and ason two dif me
  6. thats right

    thats right Member

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    Thunder Hawks Stand Up
  7. northjerzSON

    northjerzSON Member

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  8. Jesse B

    Jesse B Guest


    THE TRUTH HURTS Elite Member

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  10. souper-soker

    souper-soker Guest

  11. souper-soker

    souper-soker Guest

  12. souper-soker

    souper-soker Guest

  13. souper-soker

    souper-soker Guest

  14. souper-soker

    souper-soker Guest

  15. souper-soker

    souper-soker Guest


    GOD HIMSELF Banned

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    i cant believe you insulted this little kids roll model hahahahahahaha
  17. aliensfrommars

    aliensfrommars Member

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    not to get involved in stupid comments..

    how is wives weak?

    dude paints hard as hell...has a clean, fresh style. along with great throws. as far as skill how can you say wives is "weak".

    ...and dont try and call me a "little kid." because the odds are that im older than alot of you on here.

    keep the comments to yourself. post up fresh flicks..and enjoy your graf scene without disgracing it..

    GOD HIMSELF Banned

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    wives shit is cool. nobodys older than the man upstairs
  19. sex without condoms

    sex without condoms Elite Member

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    you're just an idiot
  20. BALDheadSLICK

    BALDheadSLICK Senior Member

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