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New Jersey

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by "*ZAR*", Jul 1, 2006.

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  1. C-money fresh!

    C-money fresh! Elite Member

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  2. Dahht Dood

    Dahht Dood Senior Member

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    werdddddddd, its mad nice out in new jersey. lets all stay inside and talk trash on the internet. good idea? nahhhhhht

  3. pwndsauce

    pwndsauce Senior Member

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    is lies a writer or a crew?
  4. MAD1ONE

    MAD1ONE Senior Member

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  5. Dual_908

    Dual_908 Elite Member

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    nah dude, only impressionist landscapes...
  6. only me

    only me Guest

    its not thAt serious so eat dick butt monkey..u aint bombing so u dont have nothing to worry about siting behind your computer
    Last edited by a moderator: May 26, 2008
  7. drop one.

    drop one. Senior Member

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  8. oyeah

    oyeah Senior Member

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    new jersey would surpass every one else if you werent all such fags and haters...let me hear you cry whaaaaaaa! whaaaaaaaa
    Last edited: May 26, 2008
  9. madeone

    madeone Senior Member

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  10. thunderhawk

    thunderhawk Senior Member

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  11. only me

    only me Guest

    dem NC *****s get up and put in work
  12. ELTORO

    ELTORO Elite Member

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    Damn u ni99as are straight fukin clowns! Shuuuuut daaa fuuuuuk uuuup! Get off other ni99as dicks. No wonder 90% of u are toys.....cuz ur on here all day arguin like little school girls instead of paintin n progressing...n btw who gives a fuuuuuuuk bout how much ups u have...if ur still toy as fuk n have no fukin style n haven't progressed for shit...den ur ups are fukin pointless n a waste of paint.annnnnyways......wat up to da CF famblam..WR..TGS..DTK..TGF..JAO.....n watup 2 ni99as dat actually paint on a regular basis
  13. ELTORO

    ELTORO Elite Member

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    And get dat 444 ni99as name out ur fukin mouths already? U clowns been talkin bout dat toy for da past 3 weeks n its gettin old. U guys have nothin better to do but have a toy's dick in ur mouth constantly...are ufukin serious? Talk about REAL graff
  14. AlwaysAskingWhy

    AlwaysAskingWhy Member

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  15. Jesse B

    Jesse B Guest

    Hell yea my "twin" brotha. Im out in florida and the stuff out here is weak. not everyone is a "fag" or hater as u say playboii. Nj i will return soon. Prince myne one! Mhs takeover!
  16. Jesse B

    Jesse B Guest

  17. Jesse B

    Jesse B Guest



    THE TRUTH HURTS Elite Member

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  19. fuckallhaters

    fuckallhaters Senior Member

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    Good point.

    WAX HOOVER Senior Member

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