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New Jersey

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by "*ZAR*", Jul 1, 2006.

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  1. _ABC_

    _ABC_ Senior Member

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    im pretty sure its that somebody posted wives throwies in there sketch book like hes wane nyc or daim or somebody that matters

    THE TRUTH HURTS Elite Member

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    lol and you feel that your so good you have the credibility and skill to make a cocky statment like that? cmon dude
  3. flight of icarus

    flight of icarus Senior Member

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    wives is fresh but most people probably think he is just a one hit wonder.
  4. C-money fresh!

    C-money fresh! Elite Member

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  5. MAD1ONE

    MAD1ONE Senior Member

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  6. Select_One

    Select_One Elite Member

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    bump wives. Dude clearly has got skills no doubt about it.

    FALL OUT BOY Senior Member

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    WIVES is pretty dope. post some pics.
  8. AlwaysAskingWhy

    AlwaysAskingWhy Member

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    thats dumbest thing said in days.
  9. flight of icarus

    flight of icarus Senior Member

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    why? i havent seen anything new from him in like 3 years. not to take away from him, its actually a shame cause dude had skills, it seems he came out for 6 months, then dissapeared and to many, that can be seen as being a one hit wonder.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2008
  10. gentrifried

    gentrifried Elite Member

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  11. john elway

    john elway Member

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    He moved to europe, He's going to school there on a full scholorship does'nt have too much time to write anymore he might make a come back when he get's back to jersey in a few year's. No other information can be revealed dry snitching isn't cool kid's.
  12. _ABC_

    _ABC_ Senior Member

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    how about lick my baalls nd call me eli manning...
  13. pwndsauce

    pwndsauce Senior Member

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    lol random

    well anyways, post pics, tit suckers.

    (stolen from dualities
  14. Dahht Dood

    Dahht Dood Senior Member

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  15. Dahht Dood

    Dahht Dood Senior Member

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    oh and this vvvvvvv LMFAO!
  16. billknowsbest

    billknowsbest Member

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  17. auditory hallucination

    auditory hallucination Member

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  18. basicked

    basicked Senior Member

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    i always see jhoni up... but i never knew what it said til now lol
  19. Capital Punishment

    Capital Punishment Member

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  20. DeepThoughts

    DeepThoughts Senior Member

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    Bump The Sumo 1liners.
    Pretty Hot.