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new krylon cap system

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by geritto, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. eez

    eez Senior Member

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    I was just saying there is no reason i shouldnt be able to buy tips for these cans right now. Anyone have contacts for the companies that make the current lines of caps?
  2. osnapizzel

    osnapizzel Banned

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    fuck krylon, rusto all day...never cared for krylon so its not even a big deal for me lol
  3. DukeOne

    DukeOne Moderator

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    ya man same i always thought krylon was watery as shit, rusto is alot better anyways. but with the racking, i dont think krylon wouuld lose any money at all due to racking, it would be the company selling the product that takes the loss. so whether u rack or buy ur still giving the money right back to krylon just taking money from homedepo or w/e ur rackin from
  4. R.I.P.kost

    R.I.P.kost Senior Member

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    true dat, im into my rusto too,
    if your gonna wrack you might as well make it a gooder, and grip the goods! no???
  5. eez

    eez Senior Member

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    I use american accents from time to time. I swear the valves are stiffer though. Kills my hands on big pieces lol.

    Theres only 4 colors they sell here in regular rusto, and caps dont work on them. Half the cans of accents they sell here are female tips, not that krylon tip but a female stock cap.

    I just dont like the look of stock tips and the only useful tip on a rusto can is a rusto fat, IF the american accents can you get happens to be one of the older male cap cans. I love the colors but...

    You know what we need is an north american, like made in canada or america or even mexico, brand of good paint like montana, made here, sold in stores like hobby lobby. screw it i'm gonna look into making spray paint.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2008
  6. asiam

    asiam Senior Member

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  7. B.S. POLICE

    B.S. POLICE Banned

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    rusto has plenty of colors and caps, learn your shit
  8. Ladyy

    Ladyy Senior Member

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    Ehh I like Montana more anyways besides theres a store that sells me montanas like 5 minutes away. Krylon is pretty good, new cap is gayy as hell though.

    COBALT Elite Member

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    hell yeah rusto
  10. pandemik

    pandemik Senior Member

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    I wonder if Rusto is gonna follow the lead.
  11. Rice Or Tofu

    Rice Or Tofu Senior Member

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  12. .HATESONE.

    .HATESONE. Banned

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    it already has...their changin there shit too round here...i have a link somewhere.

    edit: i see the man above me has already got it haha...
  13. .HATESONE.

    .HATESONE. Banned

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    i dont think its a problem really as long as rusto keeps both systems.hopefully.but has anyone used the new ones(krylon)for bombs and shit? it looks like it might fill well becuase it looked fat enough but what about outlines?

    ADOLFHITLER Senior Member

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  15. Delse

    Delse Senior Member

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    i like to use the new cap system for small fill'ins and hand styles...they still have the krylons with the removabel caps on shelf though
  16. Ithaca

    Ithaca Member

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  17. Dont Post my flix

    Dont Post my flix Senior Member

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    The paint sucks cock nowa days anyhow. Why bother!
  18. TrandomnesstwO

    TrandomnesstwO Senior Member

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    Fuck em.What I say.Rusto all day...I used to be a Krylon kid.
  19. goonzatwork

    goonzatwork Senior Member

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    to be honest, i dont mind 360 caps that much. they're alright for catching some hands and you can get some nice flares off them if you use them right.
  20. oijohnz

    oijohnz Member

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    did you know that when you buy krylon a little bit of the money goes to removing graffiti? good thing no one buys paint!