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New Members; Start Here

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Proper, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. BB69

    BB69 New Member

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    I’m from NY my step dads a graffiti artist known worldwide now is an author/illustrator of his own collection of books
    Started out on the Bronx newyork Subways in the 70’s
  2. SEROE

    SEROE New Member

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    How to get better at writing my name, not throwing up pieces but just writing it in free writing. I can't get any styles down and want it to look clean and sick looking but can't get writing it down at all. So if anyone can help me out or point me to sick looking styles that aren't that hard to write my name is SEROE. Thanks
  3. Young_Habet

    Young_Habet Member

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  4. SMax

    SMax Member

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  5. 86kor

    86kor New Member

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    I'm not a graffiti artist myself, but I'm a hug fan of such art form, I enjoy watching graffiti, murals and photography.
    I'm looking forward to learn new things and watch many great photos here!
  6. peaceful12

    peaceful12 Member

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  7. SINK108

    SINK108 New Member

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    newbie in Dallas, TX

    if any writer wants to show me the ropes in this city bang my line, fabrication yard is just full of sideshows, huge mural painters and shitty music videos/photo shoots
  8. SumYungGai

    SumYungGai Elite Member

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    That's funny you say that because our yard seems like the go to place for home made music videos.. but we also get allot of sexy photo shoots so it's good to just slide by and just see what's going on.
  9. wano!

    wano! New Member

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    Hey there! I'm a writer from Amersfoort, Netherlands. Started in June this year and looking to expand my horizon here and maybe ask some questions and post some threads now and then. :)

    Also looking for local writers here, cus I can't seem to find any :/
  10. Wulster

    Wulster Member

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    So i didnt read this form when i first
  11. Eminent Domain

    Eminent Domain Member

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    Went to Venice Beach to view the graffiti Wall. The culture there is crazy. Artists doing their thing. I added this video to show my trip.

  12. BigSur

    BigSur New Member

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    New member, so a buddy is going by the name Climb, Climber, Climb1. He’s in LA and I think I remember that name being used in NY. Anyone know of a Climb being used there or anywhere? Thnx!
  13. fishfish

    fishfish New Member

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    Eyo, this Fish from UK. Looking forward to seeing what these quarters got to offer :rolleyes:
  14. Ronok2

    Ronok2 New Member

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    Heya. I’m from the US, I tag and do random crap on the side as a hobby of mine. Have a good day bros.
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2021
  15. Odd_Otto

    Odd_Otto Member

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    Hey apparently recent comments and battle uploads of mine are pending moderator approval. Is this new? I used to be able to contribute but not for a week now. Anybody know how to get a hold of anyone? I can’t post and the thread continues. No one is answering on Facebook, email or Instagram.
  16. zoup

    zoup Elite Member

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    not new, thats weird. If you know any public image hosting sites, like imageshack, imgbb, send me the link ill download it and post your entry, thats not normal.
  17. VOKASZ

    VOKASZ New Member

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    im brand new to Graf. i was wondering how to trade stickers.
  18. Google

    Google New Member

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    New here I buy and sell art supplies at the moment I'm selling stickers so if you're interested hit me up!