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New Members; Start Here

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Proper, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. donkeycat98

    donkeycat98 New Member

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    also tell others to add them its for graffiti and shit like dat so yeah spread da word mate!
  2. sciencem

    sciencem Guest

    Newbie, wan to grow share & grow the knowledge about science..
  3. vixen1992

    vixen1992 New Member

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    New member here, hi guys,
    Im a girl , 22 from East Yorks'
  4. osber

    osber Senior Member

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    Way out in england

    RUSTO OFWK Member

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    IMAG0092.jpg IMAG0325.jpg IMG_1333.jpg first upload to bs ofwk ofwk
  6. led1

    led1 New Member

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    I have a kind of difficulty to understand everbody in 80 pages of comments, but, let´s paint and learn here :p
  7. BrooksideClothing

    BrooksideClothing New Member

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  8. saloman

    saloman New Member

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    How Do I make like an avatar picture? and How do I put like a GIF signature? I want to learn how to do that... (Im new to forums)
  9. ycre

    ycre New Member

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    saloman check the attachment.

    Hello people ! I'm new here ... from Romania'. I show in the future some trains and trams :D

    Attached Files:

  10. Mezmer

    Mezmer Member

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    Hey, I'm Mezmer, from Greensboro NC.
  11. FranN27vpj

    FranN27vpj Guest

    You've made your point pretty effectively!!

    Have a look at my web site ... look at this
  12. vegimite on toast

    vegimite on toast Elite Member

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    hello people i am new on forum

    how to make picture reply posting?
  13. jerkq

    jerkq New Member

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  14. KatjaParso

    KatjaParso New Member

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    There is also home treatments but what exactly is merchandise or an established method is Profollica.

    Here is my webpage ... Does Profollica Work (made my day)
  15. asfixioo

    asfixioo New Member

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    sup im afixioo. im from the bay area add me and give me tips if you can
  16. OBSERV3

    OBSERV3 New Member

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    evade is fucking gay
  17. level1

    level1 New Member

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    guys, I have just started and can you give me your opinions? I don't have any good markers, and i use black pen for outlines :(
    thank you !
  18. brisance

    brisance New Member

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    hi all,

    we need a graffiti truther movement.


    Point to Wolfowitz, Perle or Zionists in general.
  19. sicka than aidz 2

    sicka than aidz 2 Banned

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    hey whats crackin'.... Im allcity In Bellingham washington, im the ruler of the jungle,.. concrete jungle jungle admist abide. Majestic feat. Yo I been allcity in Bellingham wa since 2004.... 1992 to 2004 goin all city makin an breakin all the rules. Empire serial killer voodoo, not a father one son afterall, sucks to be you. Im the dark prince of the fatherones tribunal. Shouldnt have scribed an crossed out havok one c. v. all city tagger that day. Trust me thatz bout it. Fuckin bout it. You don't ownz the mafia I do. No disrespect, my wife and are made guyz, you are not. You have to be very bad for made to find you and you to find made in gangster. You didn't erase me last time I Introduced my self saying this type a shit about voodoo and the concrete jungle jungle admist abide I rule and hold down with an iron fist. I just got outta my 1896 jail stay
  20. KidReny!

    KidReny! Senior Member

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    Haven't been on in a while, but I'm working on a comic and am looking to hire graffiti artists to contribute work. Can I have my thread posted by the mods to make it easier to communicate and work on my project?