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New Members; Start Here

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Proper, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. jees

    jees Member

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    I'm new to this all but it's nice to have found a place to talk to people who like this too :D
  2. Derschauer

    Derschauer Member

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    Hi Chops.
    It's pleasure to be here.
    I'm some begginer who simply enjoy painting some weird letters

    Here is few stuffs that i made




  3. jees

    jees Member

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    Those are awesome! How long have you been drawing/writing for?
  4. Derschauer

    Derschauer Member

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    @jees thx bro. it's rlly nice to hear that some1 like it
    I'm a totaly noob, i made my first sketch like 2 y ago, but even from then i didnt spend so much time on getin some more expirience (made like 1 sketch in month) For last 6months tryin to repeir it a bit, and do more stuff.
    Now when i start thinkin about it, dont even know when those 2y passed - still fell like i start like few months ago, or even less xD
  5. jees

    jees Member

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    that's crazy that you're so new. keep it up!
  6. 86kidd

    86kidd New Member

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    What's up everyone. Just saying hello to the community
  7. WarriorUK

    WarriorUK New Member

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    Hi everyone, hope you are OK.

    I'm completely new to all this, started a bit late I guess, in my late 20's. Hope to learn a lot and make friends here too.
  8. Elik

    Elik Senior Member

    • Messages: 168
    • Likes Received: 409's never too late to start))

    AMEN 28 CRIMINALZ Senior Member

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    [QUOTE = "Elik, post: 1916506, membro: 138017"] .. non è mai troppo tardi per iniziare)) [/ QUOTE]
    Benvenuto into the zoo
  10. Ozen

    Ozen Member

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    I’m pretty new to this, but I’ve done a bit like tagging before. I hope I can improve and maybe make some mates here
  11. noise024

    noise024 New Member

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    Hello everyone, I'm Rade, from Subotica,Serbia. This this bombing science comunity I saw on fb like suggestion page, and saw scetch conpetition for february. There us my first post :D
    Anyway, I start to draw and practis when I was 6 year old, latter started bombing scene in my town, but totaly ilegal, but I respected those guys becouse that was one kind of art. When I have 16teen years old I was hang around with some rollerblades crew ans then start with grafitys but they not been so long on the wall cose someone else draw another grafity cross mine, i do couple grafities on wall but that was 20th years ago :D so pictures of them dont have only scetches. So always was batlle for wall, who do first and problem was cops to. Today, grafity are alowed but you must ask for permision...
  12. Staff Member

    newz12 Administrator

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    Welcome Noize024 and Ozen!
  13. BluberryNeko

    BluberryNeko Member

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    Haiya, I am completely new, im just here to talk to people and see what its all about.

    I've never painted on a wall, never even done a full colour sketch by hand.
    But its always been on my bucket list to put a piece of graffiti on a wall somewhere so here i am.
    My only experience so far is me being bored in school and later mastering them on my pc, although i should really get into paper work.

    This seems like a lovely begginer community and ill be happy to speak with you all. ^^ here is what ive done so far.



  14. 0ner

    0ner New Member

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    wot poppin ppl:D...

    AMEN 28 CRIMINALZ Senior Member

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    Un benvenuto a tutti i nuovi membri IMG_20180326_210651.jpg
    Sono AMEN, 28 CRIMINALZ è la mia famiglia,
    Rome è la mia città e le strade sono la mia pittura

    AMEN 28 CRIMINALZ Senior Member

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    are we here and you?
  17. Doxa

    Doxa New Member

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    I'd like to ask if it is a good idea to start writing using my nickname, or should i come up with something new? Because I've already done a few using it and I love the flow and the letters (right now I go by Doxa).
  18. skrit.

    skrit. Senior Member

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    It'll have meaning and the letters work
  19. Doxa

    Doxa New Member

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    Thanks bro. :)
  20. GuardDog

    GuardDog Senior Member

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    It's a cool name I just can't wait to see you try doing a throw up with an x