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New Members; Start Here

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Proper, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. Flacomontana

    Flacomontana New Member

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    New member been writing for years just decided to sign up for a forum.
  2. Romeo

    Romeo New Member

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    Hey folks, i'm a new member from France, i've been writing for few years years ago, but i miss it for now.
  3. AlfieSolomons

    AlfieSolomons New Member

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    What's cracklin everyone. My name is Theft 2PCS, southern California. I had an account here years ago as Dicksneeze, just tried to remember my log in shit for the last 20 minutes before giving up and making a new account. Trying to find a good place to talk to folks about handies and product preference and music and shit and everything else. Hopefully this is the right place. 1
  4. Tripz.a.c.z

    Tripz.a.c.z Member

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    now then,
    Tripz here from the north east england
  5. WSM

    WSM New Member

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    I'm a new member from Germany
    Active writing for a year or so
  6. SEN0

    SEN0 Member

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  7. DELA67

    DELA67 Guest

    New member. NYC damn i gotta figure out this site.
  8. SHUTE

    SHUTE New Member

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    Ahe shute here
  9. VOIS

    VOIS Member

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    Yo yo yo new face here, rn toy af
  10. Wind Up Monkey

    Wind Up Monkey Banned

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  11. Rag Doll

    Rag Doll Banned

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    Lets freakin do this..
  12. Urbanophile-666

    Urbanophile-666 Banned

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    I like your attitude.

    Welcome to the BS.
  13. Yo-Yo

    Yo-Yo Banned

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    I wanted to go to the Island Of Misfit Toys for Christmas but the line to get in was too long so a friend suggested I come here instead.
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  14. Urbanophile-666

    Urbanophile-666 Banned

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    Yo-Yo yo!

    Welcome to the BS website...I think you will fit right in.
  15. Tuke

    Tuke Senior Member

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    Are all the toy themed accounts your alt. users urban? Stop this madness
  16. Troll

    Troll Banned

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  17. Crezent

    Crezent New Member

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    Hello,I'm new! And would really appreciate some advice on graffiti
  18. yktfgo

    yktfgo New Member

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    whats good im in north jersey lets link
  19. KeefCity

    KeefCity Member

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    What’s poppin fellas? I’m a new writer from Montana.
  20. ven0m

    ven0m or Phat2

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    you german or spanish?