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New Members; Start Here

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Proper, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. /-..Name..-\

    /-..Name..-\ Member

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    Sup Guys, Im from Germany. Been actively doing Graffiti for about 2 months now.
  2. HV_Gork

    HV_Gork Senior Member

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    Totally screwed up and didn't start here in the noob thread.. went straight to toy, that's how noobish I feel.

    I am / write GORK. Have been really consumed by the sticker game more than anything. (Hello My Name Is, USPS 228s, eggshells, etc.) Looking to grow and expand my current knowledge in hopes to becoming more structured and well rounded.
  3. TrippySix

    TrippySix Member

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    Hey everyone! Been into art all my life but really been having a passion to get UP and OUT more. Still learning tips and tricks to sprays and some letter styles. But I've been lurking this forum for years and can tell I look forward to asking and receiving any tips, advice and criticism!

    Kinda of like Gork above, Ive really into the sticker game at the moment and hopefully learn some shizz :)
  4. ven0m

    ven0m or Phat2

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    gork, you can post almost anywhere you want. you dont have to stick to this thread..
    I think there's even a stickers specific thread. A good place to start would be the toy forums... many threads there..
    anyway, welcome to the forums guys, play fair and don't feed the trolls.
  5. Drunk_n_on_the_run

    Drunk_n_on_the_run New Member

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    So like was talking about runescape an issue or do you really just not like it?
  6. Drunk_n_on_the_run

    Drunk_n_on_the_run New Member

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    Hey so im new here. Just wanted to say hi share my love for the art
  7. MERS

    MERS New Member

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    My name is MERS from Austin, Texas. Where is everyone from?
  8. Arnie

    Arnie New Member

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    South central pa. Pow pow
  9. GraffwithTags

    GraffwithTags New Member

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    KCMO, I try to get up around the city whenever I can
  10. 3SHÅS3

    3SHÅS3 Member

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    Rural kid from nowhere, do legal walls by day and ugly shit by night
  11. BombingWriter12

    BombingWriter12 Elite Member

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    hell yeah fammo keep doing that shit
  12. mz975d

    mz975d New Member

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    I am as new as it gets and very humbled to be posting in this forum. I am looking forward to being a part of this forum community and learning from all the knowledge that is on here. This is my first post. From LA born and raised. Have always loved the colorful stylized art of graffiti; been admiring it my whole life around the city. I have finally just started to get into learning graffiti for real. Right now I am working on creating my name and character. Using sketch pads and pencil at the moment. Really want to develop a clean sticker tag and character. One question I have is how does a new writer gauge the feedback on his/her work. Lets say i slap a few stickers of my future name once I am happy with one, how do I know if its been seen, if its liked, if its hated etc?
  13. SIKKA

    SIKKA New Member

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    Melbz, Aus. Substance over style.
  14. MINE2 : C.H.A.P.S. CRU

    MINE2 : C.H.A.P.S. CRU Senior Member

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    You're always gonna have those who love as well as those who hate. Graff takes years and years, as you will always be challenging yourself to get better. Pick the meat from the bones when it comes to criticism & gauge your progression by comparing your current artwork from where you was a year ago so to say. You should see yourself getting as time goes on. Just my honest opinion. Also expensive supplies is gonna be temping especially seeing other skilled writers using them but go cheap until you feel your skills have reached a level where it won't be a waste of money. Good luck with your work
  15. Bobbypump

    Bobbypump New Member

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    I'm getting into taggin and I'm new to the forums, I don't know anyone in my area am I allowed/advised to try and meet and link up with people in my area through these forums? Some advice for someone with no experience tagging?
  16. Bobbypump

    Bobbypump New Member

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    Im a brand new sprayer in mesa, any advice/guidance before I go out?
  17. Karen Carmona

    Karen Carmona New Member

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    Hi I’m new and just wanted to know if someone knew if I used a solid marker like Krink or Sakura or steal tip to sketch out my design could I paint over it without it leaving a streak or marks under the paint. Trying to not use up my cans getting a sketch I like
  18. Itsamazza

    Itsamazza New Member

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    Hi guys

    Was a member here back in about 07 and used to be active in the UK forums. I forgot my old account information though. I write SNYS hope everyone is well, it’s nice to be back