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New Members; Start Here

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Proper, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. Qubic

    Qubic Senior Member

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    I didnt even know there were UK forums
  2. Itsamazza

    Itsamazza New Member

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    I say ‘forums’ what I meant is the UK thread haha. It used to pop in there though so many active accounts. Seems a lot more quite here nowerdays
  3. Hustin

    Hustin Member

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    Im Jro. Littlenwhte boy with some kick ass can and ink dreams. Or just endless loneliness waiting for that life clock to tick out and end this existence. Could go either way.
  4. 4V4

    4V4 New Member

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    Yo whatsup im new to the game been doing my designs mainly on paper I live in Hong Kong and the graffiti scene has never really picked up here. I find it super interesting and been doing art my entire life. I live for art and getting into graffiti is the best shit ever. Any tips for starting off ?
  5. Hustin

    Hustin Member

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    Keep going on paper till you think about the streets. Find oit dope spots tonapint, what the penalties are and keep ot all to yourself. Have a short name too.
  6. Rat

    Rat New Member

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    Hi. I have no skill whatever so I'm just going to lurk. I've just been working on my drawing and haven't picked up a can yet.nice to meet you all Mucho gusto.
  7. nerd.

    nerd. Member

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    make a thread in tools & tips
  8. Rat

    Rat New Member

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    In my personal opinion I think you shouldn't get hung up on tools and such when you get started. I suck so I'm not going to waist money on markers just use sharpy or whatever you get your hands on. I draw on everything from junk mail and grocery bags haha. I'll buy nice stuff when I know I won't waist it.
  9. inkbits

    inkbits Senior Member

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    I'm not new here but lots of my threads are now dead links which sucks, many moons ago I was moderating the toy section here with my key aim being to educate new comers to write properly (I wasn't a toy, I started writting/drawing in 1993).

    I've been absent a long time. I hope this forum is not as dead as it seems, this place used to push and inspire me. Sktech battles and such were incredible.

    ...Ink - mildstyle.
  10. Paul Landgraf

    Paul Landgraf New Member

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    Old guy coming in to say hi. I was bombing cars in nyc long before most of you were born. I never forgot how I got my talent to draw and paint. That started when I started to write graffiti. I am “THE GREAT”. It’s been 45 years since I got up and I know this is for active artists. But my roots are here and would like very much to pay my respects to those of you who still carry on the tradition. I dropped off the face of the earth so wouldn’t blame anyone for not givin a shit. Just poppin in to see and get a hit of all your work. Maybe I can get out of my outdated style to contribute now and again....
  11. Arog

    Arog Member

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    Hey all, just looking to get feedback on drawings . Just on paper right now not good enough for anything else. Loved graff since I saw my first piece on a wall back when I walked to school in primary school. I love drawing letters can't get enough of it!
  12. Lxrd scxred

    Lxrd scxred New Member

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  13. Lxrd scxred

    Lxrd scxred New Member

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    show me your work im not good more so intermediate
  14. Nabru

    Nabru Senior Member

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  15. Lxrd scxred

    Lxrd scxred New Member

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  16. Cuntslayer

    Cuntslayer Member

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    Hi fuckers! New here. Thought I’d stop by and introduce myself. I’m cuntslayer, I’m here to chew gum and fuck shit up..and I’m all outta gum.
  17. Swope

    Swope New Member

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    Hello, i am Swope. New guy from Central Europe. Graff is awesome.
  18. NRGnorespektgiven

    NRGnorespektgiven New Member

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    Hey I am NRG from the dirty dirty. I'm a huge noob but have been watching documentaries and how-tos the last few weeks. I just started spraying some wood in my backyard. And went out a little last night with a paint pen. I'm having a lot of fun with it. Let me know any must know noob things PLEASE! Thanks!
  19. anonymdkfratrekanten

    anonymdkfratrekanten Member

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    I wanted to kill myself because I'm a depressive sad fuck with a big ego and feel surrounded by idiots and thought I should just try to make the best of every day and do some wild shit before that happens, maybe not the best route I could have taken but it have kept me off all the bad shit in my day and have something else to focus about.
  20. Mrwoahwoahiseeyou

    Mrwoahwoahiseeyou Member

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    Ok I'm new but how do I know if all y'all aren't cops