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New to the Game- How do I know if a tag is taken

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kbunny, Jun 7, 2020.

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  1. kbunny

    kbunny New Member

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    So I was going to go with K-Bunny but I think that'd be more in a flesh sceen haha. How about Klipped (first name and last name start with K)- I almost died in 2017 hit by 2 cars as a pedestrian- left for dead in the highway. So my angel wing- that and my past has seriously left me with one wing. Thoughts?

    I also collected feathers during my 2 years recovery from the accident and I am currently having a wing that's falling apart on my back- and one that is in full form...

    I come from the design side- been in art my entire life. I love to get my fellows opinion.

    But I f

  2. gumOnShoe

    gumOnShoe Elite Member

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    Google images your name plus graffiti next to it and check Flickr the same way, then Instagram. That's it.

    ASOHLE Member

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    If you’re just starting out I’d suggest a 4-5 letter name just to reduce difficulty in learning to write you’re letters. Klipped probaby isn’t taken because of how many letters it has, but Klips, Klip, Clip, Clips are probably taken.

    Like gum said; google search your ideas with graffiti etc ASOHL graffiti.
  4. Ratking.all.hail

    Ratking.all.hail New Member

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    Klipped is pretty cool, but I agree with ASOHLE that it might be a little long. You could try taking out some of the letters? Like Klipd. I made the mistake of choosing a name that a billion other people have, but I chose it in high school, and have been writing it too long, and am too attached to stop now RIP.
  5. Andy B

    Andy B Senior Member

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    Honestly, choosing a name now is tougher. I think because of the internet. Back in the day it was just making sure that you were the only one in your city that had the name. When I started the internet didn't exist, unless you were rich, so choosing a name was easier.
    I'd say go with it and do what everyone here has suggested. Good luck and get up.
  6. spraynpray

    spraynpray Member

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    dude a lot of names are taken but if you rep the name harder than somebody else did it's technically yours. Don't go around writing JaTwo or Cope35 for example, other than that you should be good. If you only plan on writing in your local area it should be even easier, just make sure your name isn't taken by anybody in your state and you're good..