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New to this

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by -FYV-, Oct 14, 2019.

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  1. -FYV-

    -FYV- New Member

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    So I am new to this. Getting a couple things out of the way. I am under 18 goody 2 shoes ( at least my parents think so) that is sick of it. My parents don't know I have in interest in graffiti and I am paranoid as crap of getting caught. I have read some of the tips and the consist mostly of run like hell which works for me. Does anybody have any recommendations for a new guy as to where I can get paint and if airbrush would be a good idea because I can probs get supplies online with out being 18. Or am I just crazy lmk.
  2. ......

    ...... New Member

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    pull up to you hardware store and rack shit or buy some good cans online. It's a way to fuck the rules and do what you want to... so what if your parents find out, most parents will know anyways haha they'll get used to it
  3. Banok

    Banok Senior Member

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    I started doing graff and then i started shooting dope and breaking into shit now i dont shoot dope or break into shit i just do graff and my parents dont give a fuck if im doing graff cause im not shooting dope or breaking into shit
  4. Kaps2

    Kaps2 Elite Member

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    Im similar as in im paranoid as fuck ill be completely shitting myself as i go to the spot and sometimes ill even change my mind when i get there and not do anything. I guess the more you do it the easier it becomes like with everything.
  5. gumOnShoe

    gumOnShoe Elite Member

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    Lose the fear of incarceration and everything changes. Dun b so scurd niggas
  6. Banok

    Banok Senior Member

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    Spending the night in jails fuck all anyways, builds character