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Official Sketch Battle #12

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by newz12, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. Staff Member

    newz12 Administrator

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    Welcome to the 12th official Bombing Science sketch battle. For this battle the judge will be Sen2 of the infamous TATS Cru (NYC). And Tribal is the official sponsor: the winners will receive a lot of fresh gear!

    Here's the breakdown of the prizes:

    1st Place:
    - $100 of Tribal Clothing
    - $50 Bombing Science gift certificate
    - 5 Montana Hardcore cans

    2nd Place:
    - $60 of Tribal Clothing
    - $25 Bombing Science gift certificate

    3rd Place:
    - $40 of Tribal Clothing

    And now, the rules of the battle:

    - Deadline: November 17th 2008
    - Word to sketch: GRAME
    - Can be any color, with or without background.
    - Medium: Pencils, Pen, Markers (no computer...)

    Send your sketch at the address below before the deadline:
    [email protected]

    Important: rename the image file with your artist name (example: yourname.jpg)

    The judge of this battle will announce the winners a few days after the deadline. All the sketches that will be submitted to us will also be posted online.

    Good luck!
  2. Staff Member

    newz12 Administrator

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    The Winners!

    1st Place: Mime

    2nd Place: Rodes

    3rd Place: Knoe

    Thanks for everybody who sent in a sketch, i respect everybody, if i didnt pick you its not casue i thought what you did was bad. We all have to keep sketching and developing. Thanks and peace



    You can see all the sketches that were submitted for this battle here:

    You can comment this battle but be respectful, constructive and polite.
  3. preform

    preform Member

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    Nice shit.

    Seems like your best shot at this is to be the first in line submitters. Judges probably get their eyes fatigued after the first few. Oh well. Preliminaries should be judged by the mass to filter top choices for the judge to finalize on. Just a thought from down below the list.

    Like i said, fuck your styles!!

    Read that Graffiti Theory blog just up, maybe it could give more writers a purpose. One love fools.

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  4. MF The Super Villain

    MF The Super Villain Senior Member

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    Peace to Knoe, that shit is peace god. The others were dope too.
  5. rodesone

    rodesone New Member

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    good style MIME, very good colors :)
  6. Savz

    Savz Member

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    mother fucker man... lol I keep gettin robbed on this shit 1st place looks like its god damn painted... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    whens the next battle
  7. GraffitiZoo

    GraffitiZoo Banned

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    props to preform and mewt...even if you didnt win that shit is dope...props to knoe(south florida writers always owning this shit) mime. rodes really isnt that good
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2008
  8. ansichrist

    ansichrist Senior Member

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    overall good quality sketches in this battle.
  9. oh wat??

    oh wat?? Senior Member

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    3RD place!! nice!!!

    i love 1st and 2nd place sketches.. great job guys!!!!
  10. esnet1r

    esnet1r Senior Member

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    fuck man that was a decent battle, there were several fresh sketches, musta been hard to judge.
  11. Dope.21

    Dope.21 New Member

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    What a ridiculous Battle, maximize your skill to byte (..msk), pick a good colour sheme, invest some effort and time and the burner is born and ready to earn fame in the internet - graffiti today at its best!
    Or just dont care about letters and style, just some colours and clean lines - done! ..hahaha...
    What makes out a good graffiti in my eyes is a proper lettering and movement (especially for "classic" graffiti), an individual way of doing things, fresh and own ideas and the paintability of the scetch - what all goes ahead with technique and colour understanding, but this comes automatically with time and effort spend.
    And all the toys in this forum who celebrate themselves and their bullshit instead of really improve what they whack
    I don`t want to offend somebody, it's just my 2 cents to think about it. No question, it's nice to have this platform and the sponsored battles, but no critics no love!

  12. lance uppercut

    lance uppercut Banned

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    co motherfucking SIGN.
  13. SemiOne

    SemiOne New Member

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    Nice work i give props to you guys and especially KaosSeismo I think you are too advanced for DizShit!!
  14. youKNOW

    youKNOW Member

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    i didnt place?
    didnt see that coming :O
    jk lulz
  15. klic

    klic Elite Member

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    THEREDM New Member

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    5 STARS: Mime, Rodes, Knoe, Odes, Savz, Preform.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2008
  17. plumbererer

    plumbererer Moderator

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    some of you sound kinda whiny and sore that they didnt win. i thought the top picks were just and made sense when you look at each and every sketch. in the end after reviewing all of them, the ones if not one or 2 different pieces were the ones i wouldve chosen because they stood out from the rest.
  18. Bonus

    Bonus Senior Member

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    good high standard of sketches for this one...gutted i couldnt get some colour and proper design to mine but time is a problem for me at the moment.

    big ups the winners, freshhhhhhhh
  19. Bonus

    Bonus Senior Member

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    i hear you on that one no good myself but i remember when i used to be a toy on the old graphotism forum and got upset whenever someone told me i was crap and gave me advise.
    the truth is that some are either here to help or put you down, either way take in the constructive crit and use it to improve.

    ranting on that you werent recognized in an internet sketch battle is pathetic

    my 2 cents aswell
  20. the_toronto_rapist

    the_toronto_rapist Senior Member

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    stop fuckin whinning. i drew a sketch and lost too. boo fuckin hooo!

    good job judging i would have chose the same! winers represented hard! and that first one does look like a painting... u got that marker game on point then! cheers