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Official Sketch Battle #15

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by newz12, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. Staff Member

    newz12 Administrator

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    Welcome to the 15th official Bombing Science sketch battle. The guest judge for this battle is Katch, from Hawaii. Since Katch is without a doubt one of the most influential character writer in the USA, we will ask you guys to sketch a lettering AND a character. By the way, Katch has just released his book, so check it out...

    Here's the breakdown of the prizes:

    1st Place:
    - Touch Twin 36 markers set ($100 value)
    - $25 Bombing Science gift certificate

    2nd Place:
    - OTR.840 12 markers set
    - We Ride By Train #2 DVD
    - $25 Bombing Science gift certificate

    3rd Place:
    - We Ride By Train #2 DVD
    - $25 Bombing Science gift certificate

    And now, the rules of the battle:

    - Deadline: July 27th 2009
    - Word to sketch: PERSO
    - Can be any color, but must include a character.
    - Medium: Pencils, Pen, Markers (no computer...)

    Send your sketch at the address below before the deadline:

    Important: rename the image file with your artist name (example: yourname.jpg)

    The judge of this battle will announce the winners a few days after the deadline. All the sketches that will be submitted to us will also be posted online.

    Good luck!
  2. Staff Member

    newz12 Administrator

    • Messages: 546
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    The winners!

    1st Place: Cile

    This piece won because it was strong in all elements. The letters were nice, the background was simple yet colorful, and the character was original. The composition felt even, and overall, it is enjoyable to look at. I am not a fan of "floating letters". Maybe next time, try to incorporate the letters into the background a bit more... add fins and make it into a fish, or octopus legs, or add windows and make it a submarine. Also, when you color the background, use a larger pen. It won't take as long, and you won't be able to see all the pen strokes as much.

    2nd Place: Joze

    I struggled between this piece and the third place winner because i wasn't feeling the "s" and the "r" in this one. Letters, when pulled apart from the rest of a letter scheme, should be able to stand on it's own. However, I really liked the character and the concept. The roboctopus had "character". Work on your letters, and you could do well in "the game".

    3rd Place:Fresh one

    This piece was also pleasing overall to look at. The letters were a little all over the place, and it took me forever to find the upside down "r"... this artist obviously has skill. All forms of art are very subjective. I struggled between who would get second or third.

    Thanks to all who entered. Judging was really difficult. Some of my favorites did not make it.

    You can see all the entries for this sketch battle here:
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  3. Proper

    Proper Elite Member

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    Cile fucking won! That's my *****h!
  4. Enygm

    Enygm Senior Member

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    i'm confused?
    i'm not the kind to bitch about battle result but WTF happened here??
    I had to say it! strangest choice ever!
  5. HuntingLOLs

    HuntingLOLs Senior Member

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    3rd is nice - i my fav of the 3. and i agree with mistx - wtf?
  6. {Kandi~Boy~Raver}

    {Kandi~Boy~Raver} Member

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    im sorry and u can hate on me if u want but...ummm how did 3rd place even place im not trying to be that guy but plz explain either my artistic eye is fuckin up or there isnt anything there
  7. herz

    herz New Member

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    im with u guys ,, but it was the decision of the judge
    he liked it and nothing to do hehe
  8. n_noodles

    n_noodles Senior Member

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    werd to my nigg* CILE !
  9. posher

    posher Senior Member

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    yeah I will also haveto say that im not a big fan of 2 or 3 place really, just because There seemd to be a bunch of other ones that were way more sick but didnt make the cut sumhow????..... But it is the judges choice and I respect that, there was alot of sick pieces and it would have been a real hard choice for me to make if I was in his shoes.
  10. Vitamin THC

    Vitamin THC Senior Member

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    lol dsub's was my favorite, ciles is super nice, i love that fish
  11. Perse

    Perse Member

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    hey i send mines n it wastn on the
  12. Lalo

    Lalo Member

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    I liked holk's alot and zomb's letters. Not sure about 2nd and 3rd place, But everyone has their own opinions. in the end only the judge's opinion counts. mine was number 40/69. didnt have much time..
  13. JB183

    JB183 Member

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    Ayo the first one was dope i was diggin the fish but second and third not so much they weren't as crisp as alot of entries but its wat eva yo lookin forward to the next battle hopefully we get an east coast judge next time.
  14. Dsub

    Dsub Senior Member

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    Awww shit. Thanks Thc at least someone was feelin' my shit, I'm trying to step up my game lately so it def means something to hear a compliment.

    Once again I didn't even make it into the top 13 entries but hey, I noticed that neither did Globe.

    There were some absolutely deadly entries that I think were more worthy of the 2nd place, but that character is pretty fresh.

    I agree with 3rd place, I love those letters and I love the way they stacked them and flipped the R (which is one of the illest R's I've seen btw).
  15. saltybastard

    saltybastard Moderator

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    ha ha.. i didnt even know there was a battle thread on here, when do they set the next word/battle?? props to cile!!
  16. Scratch

    Scratch Senior Member

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    i like how the judges always crit the winners. proves that we all have room for improvement and shit, good stuff.
  17. I_bomb_Montreal

    I_bomb_Montreal Senior Member

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    damn, fresh one is fresh !
  18. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    really liked cile's for first choice

    the other two defiantly not to my liking
  19. Commander Cool

    Commander Cool Senior Member

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  20. Crush97

    Crush97 Member

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    i liked the 2nd place one the most it had some nice colors