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Official Sketch Battle #15

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by newz12, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. plumbererer

    plumbererer Moderator

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    at least my entry got accepted. congrats cile, you earned it bro.

    and quit whining you fucking are-tards. get over it. life goes on. thats what katch picked, he picked it for a fucking reason. now shut the fuck up.
  2. joze1234

    joze1234 Member

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    damn lol my first battle here nd i got in the top three thanks KATCH!!
  3. BORG

    BORG Moderator

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    im actually surprised i won, there were alot of raw entries
    appreciated the crits from katch

    dont hate on fresh's...that shits got mad style

    SVEZAJEZA Senior Member

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    Nice Battle.
    I never finished my "perso". Im feeling alil let down and was expexting somewhat, Freaken Fresh funky styles for this battle aye. I was dissappointed.
    Except for CILE who produced some thing that was quiet nice good work.
    .Ill just say one of my oppions. hahah I think 3rd place should of got the Markers. So he has some variety other then highlighters.
  5. keepsicks

    keepsicks Elite Member

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    shouts to Cile , Otez , Skem , TNO , Dsub , an Holk...all sick
  6. Asyd

    Asyd Member

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    there were alot of entries i felt were better than all three of these, but they were all pretty sweet
  7. funhouseXcast

    funhouseXcast Elite Member

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    yeah, some of the ones that didnt even make the favorites fucking killed. safeway's stood out to me.
  8. Roolete

    Roolete Elite Member

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    LOT of dope entries, none of which won in my opinion (besides FRESH ONE, who got 3rd).

    FRESH ONE, A-TEK, and MR.Mad were my favorites by far. im not hating on Cile, he does his thing and does it well, its just too clean for my taste. Joze's was complete trash though.

    Also, is DEMOD an alias for someone who's actually in MSK? if not, that shit is sad.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2009
  9. nero112

    nero112 Elite Member

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    props cile mind you this wasnt a great turn out either way.
  10. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

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    damn. this battle was lacking severely.
  11. smesta

    smesta Senior Member

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    Loved Cile's entry. Laylo and KD did it for me as well. But Kayone is right, there was allot more questionable shit in this battle. Looking back over the previous few I think there was allot more skill across the board.
  12. Bilnek

    Bilnek Senior Member

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    2nd was the best...props to all
  13. South-Pole

    South-Pole Elite Member

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    congrats cile even though im kinda suprised that he won ,and the 3rd place should of been 2nd,and 2nd shouldn't be in top 3 letters are lacking like hell and i'm not realy feeling the character,bleh anyways i'm not gonna bitch on this props to joze,cile and fresh

    STFUPPERCUT Senior Member

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    nice work to the winners.
  15. kejs

    kejs Member

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    nice nice but still im surprised.
  16. jak24

    jak24 Senior Member

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    My choices wouldve been


    with props to

  17. W_G_O_N_E

    W_G_O_N_E Elite Member

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    props 2 the winners my favs were cile , sevenone , laylo , holk , and kd in no particular order
  18. Pickton's Pigpen

    Pickton's Pigpen Elite Member

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    MDC repersentin'
    rspkt cile!
  19. ~~KD~~

    ~~KD~~ Senior Member

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    the 3rd is good . It 's so fresh, strong line, strange karacter style
  20. El Chupacabre

    El Chupacabre Senior Member

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    fuck yeah.