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Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by UsefulJUNK, Oct 20, 2005.

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  1. rseyek

    rseyek Elite Member

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  2. vintage

    vintage Senior Member

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    random backgrounds
    but the sickest ive seen.





  3. Eatingsnowflakes

    Eatingsnowflakes Senior Member

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    The guy has skill.
    Here's a car he painted for Pontiac.

    View attachment 276325

    View attachment 276326
  4. sevewon

    sevewon Senior Member

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    pipe it
  5. reck2

    reck2 Senior Member

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    hahahahahaha u will just tell people u dont no to shut up ay.
  6. Leser

    Leser Senior Member

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    no body said tobin had no skill, he does for sure just that hes lame and trying to stop graffiti with colleen
  7. KASP

    KASP Senior Member

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    oh, that gto ius hella fucking tight
  8. KASP

    KASP Senior Member

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  9. vintage

    vintage Senior Member

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    The guy has skill.
    Here's a car he painted for Pontiac.

    View attachment 276472

    View attachment 276473 [/b][/quote]
    those cars are fkin amazing.
    id love to roll around in one of those anyday.
    but everyone would hate me for drivin so slow.
  10. vintage

    vintage Senior Member

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    before . . .

    after . . .



    and for yall who are buggin about me not postin fliks of my
    shit is because it needs lots of work. ive been doin this for under
    a year, not even really seriously.
    anyways, heres some random bubblys.

    vane, turnin this into a one-linerrrrrr.

    vntg, with a lil kirby and yoshi chillin.

    both done quickly in math class
    so dont tear my shit up just correct me.
  11. reck2

    reck2 Senior Member

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    ok well now uv posted and weve seen some of your shit you had no right calling us all toys and saying peoples stuff was wack.
  12. 600ml

    600ml New Member

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    I tell you what, why don't you talk to me before you talk about me Leser.
    So far absolutely everything you said, with the exception of the skills part, is a flagrant lie.
    That goes for everybody reading this shit too. Hit me up: I'm a pretty nice guy, most of the time, unless you fuck with me-my family-or my work.
    Here's some facts sbout me so nobody has to go making shit up:
    I am a big fan of bombing and am friends with some of this worlds hardest/finest.
    Schooled & passed along outlines for many peoples over the years.
    Working artist from Halifax in mid-30's with a wife and mortgage recently relocated to Kelowna.
    One of the founding fathers of graffiti in Canada. Started drawing in the early 70's, got into graf in the late 80's, bombed from 1990-2000, work for myself. Consider myself fortunate to make a liveing creating pictures and making a positive contribution to others lives.
    As far as my old names go.. paint for 10 years goto some events in 416 & 514 and you'll know.
    And please.. I may be old and mellow but dfa, you never know what strangers are capable of.
  13. vintage

    vintage Senior Member

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    mad props.
  14. reck2

    reck2 Senior Member

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    so do u bomb illegaly tobin or did u ever.
  15. wholigan pdk lifersmobb

    wholigan pdk lifersmobb Elite Member

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  16. ados

    ados Elite Member

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    haha this shits so gangstah yall. okur watch yersef kid, steppin on toes you shouldnt be.
    like trooper the boys are back in town.

    legal or not tobin is HOT! whiny bitches. go paint

    in progress, very large
    View attachment 276752

    too much aerosol causes brain damage and can lead to blackouts...for example
    View attachment 276753

    drunk kid chem wondering toronto with his boy sore
    View attachment 276754

    something you've never seen before, like yer grandparents havin sex behind closed doors
    View attachment 276755

    couldn't get hotter!!
    View attachment 276756

  17. dob_one

    dob_one Elite Member

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    why does no one ever listen to this shit? kids need to shut up, this thread is about 200 pages too long. if you all spent some time working on your shit instead of being on this dumb forum you wouldnt all suck. post some shit and quit yapping and looking dumb.


    shut up and post pics, its not a hard concept.
  18. 1947

    1947 Senior Member

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  19. Served your punk ass!

    Served your punk ass! Senior Member

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    yo that victo shit is straight fiyah! Wheres this kid from?
  20. Zealot

    Zealot Elite Member

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    the hamlet of armstrong.