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Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by UsefulJUNK, Oct 20, 2005.

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  1. trashtalk

    trashtalk Senior Member

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    cause biting is not going to get him anywhere

    stolen old flick for talking
    old pace
  2. answerrr

    answerrr Senior Member

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    QUOTE ''Homes man, it's not hard to see that everything you draw is taken from someone else.

    No hate but you should try some of your own shit.''

    i dont know who the kid is, but I think when your starting out, and haven't made a name for yourself its ok to bite. Its the best way to grasp letter structure and learn different ways to flip letters. But once you start establishing yourself you obviously wanna branch off, and have a style you can call your own... but if your toy, its all good, you should copy subway art front to back, than when your done you'll have a basic concept of style and structure
  3. HaeOne

    HaeOne Senior Member

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  4. Pickton's Pigpen

    Pickton's Pigpen Elite Member

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    it was.... cops rolled up yesturday on us and explain how it wasnt anymore... but they let us finish our pieces
  5. imaDOPE1

    imaDOPE1 Member

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    sup, somebody should come into peachland and bomb some spots. theres so fuckin many toys around its not even funny. theres some pretty fucking dope spots around, but nobodys got the balls to hit em up.
  6. sevewon

    sevewon Senior Member

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    word. especially think "stink ray" cat thats there. Actually every one thats a writer there is a toy. Got a question, if theres so many good spots, why dont you hit them up yourself?
  7. HaeOne

    HaeOne Senior Member

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    shitty pic just cuz its a pic
  8. Game905

    Game905 Senior Member

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    sueme all day
  9. alykhan

    alykhan Member

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    holy shit that s is way 2 sueme^
  10. NockOne

    NockOne Senior Member

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    did u guys even see wat ansr said on the last page? and atleast hes actualy fucking posting stuff...
  11. mesc_oner

    mesc_oner Elite Member

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  12. ignorance is bliss

    ignorance is bliss Senior Member

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    Any mission cats wanna paint pm me.
  13. mesc_oner

    mesc_oner Elite Member

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    Cheers Chem
  14. soath

    soath Elite Member

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    my fave isoe so far.

    call me tonight.


    huge mega soathr props on the entire proddy. the best KASP and BEER I've seen. hella tight WHO and the fucking foreal NEST.

    props on the cool penlegal CHEM fill and all around vibe of it. beers is a fucking liar. i didn't know you 2 were down... i would tried to make it work out.

    *homes i see where you're at AND i should've went there first, i didn't and still haven't and that is why i suck. when you've learned what you can from others you're own style will shine through it, just keep drawing, i can tell by your control and eye for deets that you are an artist and a creative on at that. i guess there really isn't any need to post your drawings here tho, as I've learned. until your style is your own just keep it in the books (no offense).

    edmonton homie:
  15. soath

    soath Elite Member

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    ironic (?!?!) post

    *not my fave isoe but close... my fave was the huge character (airport)
  16. beefisforburgers

    beefisforburgers Senior Member

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  17. soath

    soath Elite Member

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    ^ "Lumber of the beast"
  18. .Dirty C.

    .Dirty C. Senior Member

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    cant figure out exactly what to do with the M...
  19. Jenkins.

    Jenkins. Elite Member

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    There ya go!
    nice simple dawg/.
  20. Tazney

    Tazney Senior Member

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    what happened to ansr? Is he alright?