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Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by UsefulJUNK, Oct 20, 2005.

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  1. sevewon

    sevewon Senior Member

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    is OAK 250 at all? if so BIG UPS in calgary..
  2. Stompingrounds

    Stompingrounds Senior Member

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    props to beer's
    makin front page shit
    weres all the pics at gunna have sum new ones tonight
  3. Xen Cuts

    Xen Cuts Senior Member

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  4. Jenkins.

    Jenkins. Elite Member

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    Who's crossing Mesk, Chem, Tck ?
    Not down...
  5. ados

    ados Elite Member

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    Last edited: Nov 6, 2009
  6. answerrr

    answerrr Senior Member

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  7. Jenkins.

    Jenkins. Elite Member

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    Hey kelowna im gonna be in you soon.
    Cake rocks.
  8. bummer

    bummer Senior Member

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    he is still down but writing another name. not in the game for fame.

    *that keyes mix is pure grime. No pun intended, peace.
  9. bummer

    bummer Senior Member

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  10. birdshit

    birdshit Member

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    theyre fucking teeth, its not a bite

    get a life
  11. big person

    big person Senior Member

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    sig worthy?
  12. mesc_oner

    mesc_oner Elite Member

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    cook crack like a chemist
  13. SoBmoB

    SoBmoB Banned

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    where'd you get that style from chem? Obviously not coca cola.
  14. One Evil

    One Evil Elite Member

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    true say
    ***** cake didnt invent teeth coming out of letters.. get real!
  15. .Dirty C.

    .Dirty C. Senior Member

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    your a goof. stop talking.
  16. Flash_One

    Flash_One Elite Member

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  17. SoBmoB

    SoBmoB Banned

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    SO, somehow my style's gotten worse since we used to be friends and you used to give me props and tell me how sick my shit was?

    Hmm, I recall bringing you to my place in surrey and showing you some designs and you telling me how sick they were, and that we should get down on some canvas?

    Guess, I just hit my head and am permanently brain damaged and my motor skills have been declining causing me to rapidly lose any sort of cut I've developed since then.

    Don't make me kill this thread too.

    btw, heard key's mix. It's good, but you shouldn't have to master it after you rock it... Obviously shows that someone didn't get the levels right, or was using ripped music < 320k.

    Bigups on the sound selection. and some of the cuts are nice.

    Too bad we aren't friends anymore... used some credit cards on beatport and downloaded thousands of songs. Support for the artists, and high res dubstep collection.
    Willing to share the entire 20 gig download of drum n bass + dubstep and electro with my friends.
    Oh, but the consensus is that I don't have any friends???

    Guess if it's posted on the internet, it must be true.

    Last edited: Nov 11, 2009
  18. thatoneguy

    thatoneguy New Member

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    you are all still talking way too much. what is this? the constantly dry snitch yourself and other people thread?
  19. techninerr

    techninerr Senior Member

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    i dont see you postin any pics ya goof.

    CROSS EM OUT AND PUT A K Senior Member

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    u shud paint bigger man ur hollows should b the size of that car
    much better lookin then tiny ass hollows