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Discussion in 'Old battles' started by siroez, Jul 29, 2005.

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whos graffiti is better?

  1. siroez

  2. okes

  1. consume

    consume Senior Member

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    siroz by far, that okes shit just aint cuttin it
  2. Kronone

    Kronone Elite Member

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  3. CaSoNe

    CaSoNe Elite Member

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    :( :( :( this thread makes me want to cry... :(
  4. tronz.

    tronz. Elite Member

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    haha online battttle!!
    who gives a shit.

    okes's sketch its better, but still doesnt matter.
    he paints good stuff thats what matters.

    okes takes it.
  5. Mensa

    Mensa Senior Member

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    okes cause he's muh NIKKA and i think his style is more bold/memorable than siroez'
  6. siroez

    siroez Senior Member

    • Messages: 204
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    beaner, yes 3 yeards dude. i had no prior artistic skills ebfore i started like some writers did, and do. and it took time do develop the style i have now. its what alot of kids dont get. that it takes more then a few weeks or months to develop style and handstyles. and then they just say fuck it and quit, cause they went nowhere with it. and its so disapointing. but the point was to skip all the bullshit, instead of beefing...which we did plently of anyways. so to be honest ive lost hope and really dont give a shit, okes said it best. this is bombing science.

    okes...i agree dude...

    a few that voted for me sounded like they new what they were talking bout, but most didnt.


    plus look its tied at 40/40

    i propose a truce okes...?...
  7. AoAssis

    AoAssis Elite Member

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    V/ siroez i voted for siroez cuz i liked his dripz and his style and color just a bit beter then the okes....
  8. siroez

    siroez Senior Member

    • Messages: 204
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    okes....your so right...
  9. Wet Mops

    Wet Mops Senior Member

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    I voted for siroez, mostly because it just looks cleaner. But okes, if you put a dope fill ii definately would have voted for you cause your shits extra original!
  10. tekkem flop FLA

    tekkem flop FLA Senior Member

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    where? his drips?
    hold up, you said you liked the drips?
    who the fuck is dripping?

    and that sig man, that gosh damn sig...
    your gonna tell me you killed a tree for that?
  11. _Zombi3

    _Zombi3 Senior Member

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    actually the bean has a point. everyone is just voting against okes because he obviously talks a lot of shit. i admit, thats the reason i voted for siroez B) i actually do like okes stuff..specially went he paints it. so my bad okes even tho if u read this ur probably gonna say something like, "who gives a shit about wat u think u fucking toy!" or somethin along those lines.

    but thats wat this thread is, if i were to battle..say car2nist even if my sketch was better than his, everyone will vote for him cuz he has been here the longest and/or the bigger amount of posts and cuz he's white!!! (hahaha..jus kiddin) <_<
  12. siroez

    siroez Senior Member

    • Messages: 204
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    i stil agree with. this board dont prove shit. most of the kids that come here wouldnt know good graffiti if it smacked them in the face. and theyre not reading whats in front of them. the piece i sumbitted, was just a bunch of shit. nothing talented...i also agree with chillen (a few pages back in all CAPS) that it wasnt a good battle cause we have two completely different styles, so not only was this a popularity battle but it was, a battle between different levels of styles, and the shit in my eyes turned out to be a tie. those 9 late votes dont make a difference.

    yaser, i agree. alot of votes go to the person with more posts cause people automatically assume "o he posts alot he must be good" or something...............i dunno though i actually like okes sketch vs my own. i got work to do.
  13. scary dreams

    scary dreams Elite Member

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    Siroez shit is GENERIC GARBAGE. I vote okes. Way more original and interesting to look at....

    I swear when I saw Siroez shit my mind blanked out.
  14. Zeos

    Zeos Senior Member

    • Messages: 107
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    this "okes" sucks so hard. nothing like the Okes I see in KC. give up... please.
  15. $-barnesy-$

    $-barnesy-$ Senior Member

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    siroez - feel the style moor although okes style is unique ;)
  16. scary dreams

    scary dreams Elite Member

    • Messages: 790
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    Okes in KC? What the fuck is KC? And who else has heard of this okes but you? Besides that...fuck does it matter there's another okes writing the same shit far far away....especially since no one else has heard of him but you...

  17. Kraze3

    Kraze3 Senior Member

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  18. deathorglory

    deathorglory Elite Member

    • Messages: 733
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    Okes, because no one seems to like him......

    Who cares about skills, these are BS battles!
  19. kronikbomber

    kronikbomber Senior Member

    • Messages: 89
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    im definatly going with siroaz because i think okes piece sucks no offense you know but it just does and i think okes thinks hes full of himself

    THEPOSTWHORE5000 Elite Member

    • Messages: 1,307
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    i voted for siro whatever cause i dont understand okes style at all and i doubt it ever will.
    even at that i didnt like siro whatever cause it wasnt too clean