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Old School Montreal Graf??

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LOKO, Sep 6, 2004.

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  1. LOKO

    LOKO Member

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    Question for all you veterans, when did the Graf scene in Montreal really start?? was ther people writing back in the 80's? i never see any old school Canadian pics? drop some old school knowledge on us and some pics if possible!!!

  2. HazeO

    HazeO Senior Member

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  3. whOaHT

    whOaHT Elite Member

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    Montreal's Graffiti scence started in the early 90's!
    Flow started in 93 (i think that's the year)
    But back in the day VC and HYH crew had montreal on lock!
    Castro,Damo,Flow,Loes,Sake...........Then everyone followed and here we are!
  4. benkser

    benkser Elite Member

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    there was graffiti in mtl before the 90' but it was only poilitical message like.. fuck authority, or anarchy signs.. useless shit..
    i think that the real bombing stuff started with hyh and vc.. they killed the shit everywhere.. and castro was fuckin up.. that guy was crazy on a big run... he got caught though... VC meant vagabond crew.. and for real they were fckin vagabonds man.. lol.. by what iu seen when i went in high school like in 95-96 (grade 7-8) VC VC vC vC everywhere..
    i think that castro was the first writer up in montreal.. like all city..
    and theres still graffs of him in the city.. that they cant buff. because the spot its to risky to reach..
  5. Flow

    Flow Elite Member

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    The unknown is 'Mush'. I'd put that at '94.
  6. 8-BallChamp

    8-BallChamp Senior Member

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    vc? hyh? what the hell are you guys talking about.. im not a montreal graffiti historian... but its more like sike and his brother, soak and all the dtc kids.. stack exc...
  7. whOaHT

    whOaHT Elite Member

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    my cousin (now 28) started a crew back in 86 (Mont Real Crew) with 5 of his buddies, i remember him telling me stories bout when they use to jump on the tracks at Pie IX metro station and tag all over the place!
    They never were all city or anything, but they did some stuff back in the day, i dont have any pics, i was only 3 :lol:
  8. edika

    edika Member

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    Castro, damo, VC, HYH??

    you guys are probably youngsters cause graff in MTL started earlier than that.

    It really started in 93 with cats like Sike, Sante, DTC crew, Flow, Maink, Stack JKR, then it was BAT with Zeck Simo Swarm Fiuser, SVC crew... i dunno , theres too much people to be listed.
  9. whOaHT

    whOaHT Elite Member

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    at least i got the date right :D

    i knew it was 93 but i didnt know bout all them other guys/crews!

    im 21 so in 93' i was 10, so i didnt really pay attention to graffiti!

    anyways, cant wait till FLOW lets his SHOES go to EXPLAIN to break it down
  10. skrooeapatape

    skrooeapatape Senior Member

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    No castro was not writing castro in 95 or 96 he was JAZZ then.. he didnt write castro to at least 97-98, and his tag ill never forget which i cant find anywhere but my bedroom wall and personal flix.. he was bombing ndg but kinda outa the way area, downtown too especially when he meet radz (im talking about bombing sprees before his tag was readable) His 15 minutes wasnt until late 98-early 99 (the metro's etc..)

    WTF castro first to hit metros? shut up.. every writer who was up on the street tags seen in the metro's, i remember in 1995 when ibm wasplanning on sneaking into vendome meto before castro had the idea, but thy never did it.. vendome metro, especially the train station was bombed the fuck up, by sike, erok, all of DTC crew the windows dodnt get buffed, i wish i fliked sikes fillins on the windows of the train station... anyway some active wroters up now that were bombing "back then" (96 97) are morons, scanner, sake, jone, specter (way back wrote juice everywhere).. CASTRO was RIS LLOOOOOOOOOOLLLL almost forgot about that (that was in 94 95)

    Castro, Damo , Loes etc are not older writers (espet castro's older tags he was bombing)

    the first ones i remember was of cousre ZILON, ZEN, timer etc.. obvioulsy FLOW etc.. S! that guy what happened to him?

    Before Kop was Kop = BTM (beat the meat, beat the monkey... Bring the Mayhem!!) mostly up all over ndg. and before that they were ect
    (active writeres were BURST MAZE (now abra) JUICE (now specter) MORONOIK (morons, moron) maotz came later in the beginning of KOP.. the was FASE KIF (later wrote shame KOP) MAYSERstill writes maysr of cousre SEK still writes SEk.. Burst used to write curse etc..

    ALPER (writers KERS now) FACT FRITZ PHAZe.. all those st henri cats, FLOW had some shit in st henri (miss those old tags oh man..)

    MERSH (in like 93 ) now stack = pretty old, jam etc..

    didnt really mention the older writers.. i actually would like to know myself i didnt start to really follow until 94...

    Id really like to know now.. what is Torontos histroy??? vancouver??? (date when started and or boomed!!!)

    Before or aftar Montreal?!?!?! thatim curioaus
  11. Flow

    Flow Elite Member

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    ^I still don't know who you are but you're on point!

    The first graffiti I experienced was in the early 80's, in my neighbourhood, I grew up in A Ma Baie, on the eastern tip of Pierrefonds. It was just me and the kids I was breakin' with, the older guys did pieces like 'FRESH', 'Poppin' and other tacky hip-hop/break related stuff, I was just doing little marker tags around my hood, then I racked a can of fluo orange from Canadian Tire, woohoo. That was the end of that career, when breaking became all commercialized, I moved away from hip-hop for a bit.

    Anyways, that brings us to '92. After seeing graffiti emerging in hip-hop videos (Naughty by Nature comes to mind)and such(Source mag), I finally decided to give it a go in early '93, after a little motivation from a friend. I was still living in A Ma Baie, so I wasn't too familiar with what was going on downtown and on the plateau but the names I definitely remember are Sike, Soak, Santi, Sike's cousin(can't remember his name), Mersh, Maink, Shorty, Jest and East. Of course there were Zilon with his faces and Zep with his cowboy stick figures, they were around before the other guys. The first people to hit Metros, stations, tunnels and commuters, were Sike and DTC. Sike was from the south of France and his older brother was a writer, so when he came to stay with an aunt in the Jeanne Mance projects, he was already on another level.

    The oldest piece that I had seen in the early 90's was on the wall around the Grey Nun's place at Parc and Duluth, it was from '87, I can't remember what it said but it had a character of a guy with a 'fro and sunglasses, I eventually met the guy in the late 90's.

    When I started, graffiti wasn't very big in MTL, the reason I got a lot of recognition is, apart from the fact that I was getting up a lot, is that my stuff was simple/readable. So the general public were more open to it, they could read it so it was less threatening. Also, I didn't tag too much, I was more about rocking simple, colored pieces, so the masses liked that too.

    I think that's it. If I remember anything or if anyone has any questions, I'll try to add what I can.
  12. pSYKAOz

    pSYKAOz Elite Member

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    ahha like reading allcity without getting up tp get the book =)
  13. whOaHT

    whOaHT Elite Member

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    i will go to bed tonight knowing a lil more about montreal's graffiti history!
    But where are they now, DTC,BTM? Did they let the game go?
    If anybody has flicks of some old stuff dating before 95, please post it!
    it'll be cool if we would have like a Chart starting say 1990 - Present, and all the BIG things that happened with montreal's graffiti scene!
    Flow and skrooeapatape you 2 seem to know pretty much everything bout mtl's ol school graffiti scene!
    do i raise a good idea about this chart, like a time table, and which crews came into play!

    anyways, keep this thread open, very very intresting :)

    props to skrooeapatape and Flow for the 411
  14. MBTA

    MBTA Senior Member

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    it's so weird that a city's graffiti "scene" started not more than 10 years ago... i would have thought it was bigger earlier. i mean new york started like 35 years ago, and montreal only caught on in the 90s? weird. either way canada has some of the fucking sweetest graf shit going on that i've seen in the world.
    my top places, easily: boston (gotta show the love), new york, sao paulo, canadian cities. word to you guys.
  15. glue

    glue Elite Member

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    the CV website has pics for toronto from as early as '87... not '93. [/b][/quote]
    yea ive seen some old stuff around toronto, like kane, ren and puce. the earliest ive seen is a kane piece in a ware house that dated 93. does anyone have a link for that site?
  16. diss co

    diss co Senior Member

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    I dont' know if he's the one that started it but AKIRA started bombing montreal in 87 his first mural in a high school gym in 89. He bombed the city untill 95 than he left moontreal to go to New york.

    Akira was one of the first
    but what about zilon ha ha ha ha ....................way before
  17. DesoleR

    DesoleR Member

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    i said SYKE is one of the first one... and FLOW is a old one 2 , and SEAZ.
  18. Aero

    Aero Elite Member

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    sorry but y'all forgot bout ZYLON....he rocked the streets before syke and flow with sum funky characts....
  19. Aero

    Aero Elite Member

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    yeh diss co...didnt look at yo post but yo true zylon is one of the first
  20. 8-BallChamp

    8-BallChamp Senior Member

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    i have a question flow, way back when i used to come intot the city with my parents i used to see S! throws.. i think theere still is some on the commuter tracks between mtl west and lucienn aller.. who was that cat?