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Opening up a graffiti supply shop. Where do I start????

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by EGS, Jan 20, 2021.

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  1. EGS

    EGS New Member

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    So over the last couple years ive been really interested in trying to open up my very own graffiti supply shop in my new found city Bend, Oregon..
    EVERYDAY GRAFFITI SUPPLY/SHOP havent decided on supply or shop yet ive researched starting a small business, applying for a EIN and the go about ways of trying to get credit opened up with vendors etc also ive learned the basic go abouts to try to keep your personal and business credit seperated considering my personal credit is not the best. The biggest thing that puzzles me is being able to come up with either purchasing or renting a space... And mostly honestly i just need guidance. I have no idea what im doing.. As of now... But this is my dream. My biggest life goal. The culture behind graffiti is so rich and unique in so many ways and obviously pretty damn fun living on the edge like that ya know. So any advice i would love to hear. Tell me your thoughts.
  2. bOOSi

    bOOSi New Member

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    Make a virtual store first. Honestly OfferUp is dope for this sometimes if you have a page loaded up with items, can save a little on shipping probably, and reach more of an audience. I’d buy from you on there and test you stuff in videos
  3. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    I've seen so many graffiti stores fail, in a city a lot bigger than Bend Oregon, that it would make your head spin b-boy style. Even ones that didn't just sell graffiti supplies. I have this wild theory (super out there and super wild) that there just aren't that many people buying art supplies, and the ones that do "legal" art tend to use more typical art supply stores, like Michaels or some bullshit.

    Brick and mortar is out, like that person above me said. It's gonna cost you a lot of money and energy, and offer little more than an online store would in our modern times. Hell I don't think Bombing Science even has a physical store? Probably a nice warehouse and a small office or something. I don't know the graffiti scene in Bend but I can assure you it probably isn't poppin' enough with only 100,000 people that you will be able to survive off selling caps, markers, paint etc.. while paying rent and any other associated business expenses. A physical store only seem like a good idea in an area that has a TON of active graffiti writers and artists

    I live in a city of about 2million, and we have 2 real "graffiti" stores. Only one of them exclusively sells art supplies and its more of a general art supply store that leans towards graffiti.
  4. Andy B

    Andy B Senior Member

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    I agree with Tony. My city is just around half a million people and all we have is the standard Michaels and Hobby Lobby for art supply stores. Maybe get a job at an art store and see how the business does first. And remember most young heads will probably just lift everything they need from your store.
  5. Orientoswitcho

    Orientoswitcho Member

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    Though reality is that writers mostly rack, it goes hands in hands, so even if there's a lot of writers you may not be able to sell a lot. Coming from someone who wanted to do the same
  6. Novel_808

    Novel_808 Member

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    Take business classes first. Open up a general art and graffics store that has some graff stuff. Apeal to a broader range of consumers.