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Opinion. Yes/No

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Mindspin, May 24, 2015.

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  1. Mindspin

    Mindspin New Member

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    Started writing not too long ago... trying to figure out if I'm heading in the right direction. I'm into symmetry and whips, obviously. Any thoughts?


  2. loonaii

    loonaii Elite Member

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    You posted this 3 times already. Don't need a new thread for it
  3. TheMastermind

    TheMastermind Member

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    Well, let's be realistic here. It looks really toy and you should practice more basic letters. And, don't do the quotation mark over the line. That's a mark of the toy. You should also change your name. "Cheezn" sounds really cheesy.

    It lacks flow and it's not too legible. I would recommend starting with "keyboard" letters.
    Last edited: May 25, 2015
  4. stoke.

    stoke. Senior Member

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    Spend your time practicing, not in the forums posting shit again and again bro. Only with practice you can be as Revok, Sofles or the fuck you want. Practice is the key(not at all tho) lol
    Last edited: May 26, 2015
  5. Mildstyles

    Mildstyles Elite Member

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  6. psl vandal

    psl vandal Senior Member

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  7. Ghettopicasso

    Ghettopicasso Senior Member

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  8. Siro_

    Siro_ Senior Member

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    First of all, dont connect your letters like that. Ever. Connecting letters is something that will come later when you get some flow.
    Try to write it simple and I know everyone hears it a million times but seriously...
    Try experimenting with chisel tip markers it can make a world of difference to the apearal of your handstyles.

    Just watch as many videos on youtube as you can of people just doing handstyles, and practice at the same time. Also use a whiteboard and dont waste hundreds of pieces of paper like I did.
  9. Hand-s

    Hand-s Elite Member

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    Tip: start with a light color like a light blue for example...write your name over and over again, fill in every space of the page til you can hardly read what you're writing. Try to use the same style only tweaking minor things, try out different letter styles in your name and just keep filling up the page. Then switch to a different color like a red or green...fill up the page again while trying to develop muscle memory with your chosen letters, still tweaking minor things as you progress (it's gonna take a few pages of this) then switch to a dark color (black) and fill the page again. Use this "layers" method to use less paper...for me this method has helped me figure out a bunch or handstyles. Pay attention to your hand and what motions feel comfortable to you. Keep it simple at first. Basic letters, basic connections. You want your name and your handstyle to flow as easily as your handwriting on a daily basis.

    And pick letters you actually like drawing for a name. Each letter has its own characteristics and it's up to you to give them personality with your own style.

    Good luck.
  10. JediJay

    JediJay Member

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    Good advice. WORK WORK WORK!
  11. quickiehand

    quickiehand Senior Member

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    Work the pen bitch not keyboard. Just jking, practice, keep it simple, nothing random shit.
  12. dudeatyahoo

    dudeatyahoo Senior Member

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    yo honestly its about adding personal flavour I thinkit looks fuckin great, but make the N and uppercase and don put the swrl on the N make a star after the N and add the swirl to the star! But it looks friggin awesome.
  13. zoup

    zoup Elite Member

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    Was the penis on purpose?
  14. kickiticy2

    kickiticy2 Senior Member

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    looks like penis. yeah^ exactly. your letters should look like keyboard letters. equal heights and widths. and it should be straight.
  15. _Ghost

    _Ghost Member

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  16. laceup

    laceup Member

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  17. Eurothrash

    Eurothrash Senior Member

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  18. CacerOne

    CacerOne Senior Member

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    doesnt look like youre still active anymore..but if you are try keeping all the letters the same size for now...and change your name!