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opinions on fresh paint?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by show, Jan 7, 2014.

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  1. show

    show New Member

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    Is fresh paint any good, ive been wanting to buy some but I wasnt sure if it was any good? Is it worth it or should I just pick up some ironlaks instead?
  2. smashtastic

    smashtastic Member

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    dude by as much as you can that shit is off the fucking chain for the price dude
  3. Artsupplies31

    Artsupplies31 Member

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    Paints and other art supplies are so expensive, so try to buy from online stores and check offers and discounts. Take benefit of Xmas sale discounts. I have checked a few stores that offer up to 80% discount these days.One more thing try to buy good quality branded paints to create hassle free artwork.
  4. oatmeal

    oatmeal Senior Member

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    fresh paint is crap as far as im concerned. the valve is shit. the paint fades like hell. rusto is better than fresh paint. youd be better off buying Montana black. i had like 3 fresh paint cans leak on me.
  5. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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  6. xBOTx

    xBOTx Senior Member

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    Rusto with various caps does justice, it doesn't hurt to pay for good supplies. What you pay for us what you get.
  7. oveous

    oveous Member

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    You get what you pay for!
  8. PHELZ

    PHELZ Member

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    sometime its worth paying a little extra.