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Paint Smuggling

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by chas, Nov 24, 2005.

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  1. base06

    base06 New Member

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    for me im lucky wen im bringin in paint cos wen i open da door i run straight upstarirs (in front of the door) and straight into my room (straight frm the stairs) so im kinda luky all i say is i need da loo and den i go to da loo and flush the chain + wasshh my hands to get apint off. SIMPLE :D but then again it only works if your house waz built lyk mine :p
  2. Think281

    Think281 Member

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    English Major?

    Anyways, I also tried to keep it quiet at first with my mom. But then I got lazy and left shit laying everywhere. Like said above: Don't ask, Don't tell. She went through the whole huffing thing for awhile but I told here that that was just stupid. If I wanted to get high I would just smoke weed. It's not really that big of a deal. They won't be able to stop you from doing it so you might as well tell them.
  3. >SM!7K<

    >SM!7K< Elite Member

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    leave it in the trunk of my car, untill no ones home
  4. Flash_One

    Flash_One Elite Member

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    I would understand the pringles can but the lysol, it looks pretty suspicious. I dont know just a thought... <_<
  5. sd785

    sd785 Member

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    the prnigles can is a good idea
  6. FALLIN1

    FALLIN1 Member

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    out the paint in your bag, throw out your window, go outside,pick it up,go paint (only do if your room is on the first floor or paint cans will blow up its happend shit got all over my buddys bag :lol: )
  7. sinKRANE

    sinKRANE New Member

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    what i do is put a magnet on the concave bottom of the can so the ball in the can doesnt make noise when it shakes and then i keep one or two cans under my jacket. works fine for me.
  8. dinedgc

    dinedgc Elite Member

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    i just keep my paint in my cars trunk
  9. soe1

    soe1 New Member

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    My parents don't care if i do graffiti.. As long as i'm not getting fucked up on drugs and shit.

    My parents even buy me paint. Shit.
  10. [NESTER]

    [NESTER] Senior Member

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    i get all my paint ready in a bag then ditch it out my window then tell my mom im leaving to go to a buddies house and then i go pick up the bag and hit it up...but if i sneak out i just take it with me out my back door and i have can silencers which help alot :D
  11. TheFaint

    TheFaint Member

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    I keep my paint in a backpack in my trunk. When I bring it stays in the backpack in my room. Parents dont really snoop around my shit too often so its not much of a hassle.
  12. RemoZ

    RemoZ Senior Member

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    Same here, they don't really promote me doing it but they don't care.
  13. lead(followmy)

    lead(followmy) Member

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    shit,lykin the prigles...azwell it wud work if i got stoppped n searched.....n i no what ya meen ma parents r v political bout it and still see it as a crime. kud neva tell them lol i wudnt b able 2 carry on cuz ma parents wud b blatently so strict
  14. Snapple

    Snapple Member

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    i donno if ne one try's this, it hasta be the hardest way to do it, but umm i walk out the door with a bunch of cans and markers in my hands and say Mommmmm im going to the mall ill be home later
  15. pez ss

    pez ss Senior Member

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    my parents dont care to much like they rather me do graffitti then do drugs
  16. triketra

    triketra Member

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    oh I wish I was so lucky.

    If you have a baggy jacket it hides the bulge of cans, and you can hold them close--it works for a few seconds if you walk carefully, but just go to a craft store and nick some magnets, like people said. I also usually leave all my cans in the trunk of my car, but making a hiding place under the porch sounds like it'd work.
  17. i aint buffin

    i aint buffin Senior Member

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    i got arrestid for doing graff good thing i wasent 18.. i was 17 and 10 monmths LOL..and another good thing was that i dident have my permit ..that saved my driveing skills :D
    after my pops picked my up i told them the same thing ``AT LEAST im not fucked up on drugs and shitlike that and involving gang violence and other bad shit.
    then i asked them can i please paint my room because im haveing a urge to go out and paint! lol then i order mass montana rofl i do a small ass throw up in my room i save the other 20 cans and went bombing lol man i love my parents..TRUST ME ITS BETTER TO GO UP TO YOUR PARENTS AND TELLING THEM U LOVE THE FUCK OUT OF ART it will make u fucken be more selfconfident and a beter artist because it gets one anoying though out of your head :D i told my parents that i stoped doing it ...fuck that i still destroy everything i see lol
  18. hardkore toy

    hardkore toy Member

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    I use the pocket size montans with baggy jeans, good for a few throw ups.
  19. solegraff

    solegraff Member

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    i go out when my mom n dad have gone out, do a bit of bombing, then hide my bag in a bush somewhere, iva just found a place behind a store in a old trashcan, i use that!! its dope...

    also i throw my bag with cans n shit in out my window in2 the bush outside and say im goin out and get it
  20. RustyBurrito

    RustyBurrito Senior Member

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    just tell you parents or something