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Painter's Touch/american Accents... The End?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by miracle idiot, Apr 7, 2007.

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  1. shie a.k.a. drone

    shie a.k.a. drone Senior Member

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    yesterday i racked some of those key lime painters touch and i got home and realized that they had male valves and i was pissed.
  2. RustyBurrito

    RustyBurrito Senior Member

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  3. miracle idiot

    miracle idiot Member

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    I was down in Nashville this weekend, and the Home Depot down there had switched out basically every Painters Touch with the new line...

    Anyone know where to order caps that fit a male can valve system?
  4. sens1

    sens1 Senior Member

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    when i use the american accents i ussually just use it for an outline. the caps on them produce a good clean line. med-skinny. but i mostly use montana and belton. i get hooked up.
  5. def.

    def. Senior Member

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    the labels are different on the male cans. and everybody saying that only the satin ones are male, gloss was male and now all the flats in my home depot are male. watch out.
  6. SEDA FM

    SEDA FM Member

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    male valves........ dammit.... and i just found a place to get astros.....whatever... guess ill just use WD40 caps and Axe deodarant caps for the fats and try to find some that r good for outlines
  7. Siner

    Siner Senior Member

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    I already tried WD40 caps on a Krylon Fusion can which have male valves and it doesn't work, I tried lots of other female caps too, and none seem to fit the male valves, so I doubt it will work on the new Painters Touch cans. I guess we'll have to find some kind of adaptor to allow male caps to fit on the new cans. All the Painters Tough cans I've racked recently have female valves, so they must have not changed it over in Canada yet.
  8. souper-soker

    souper-soker Guest

    well knock on wood...(knock knock) i havent started 2 notice this in the jerz...hopefully wont ever happen out here...maybe there just testing it out there 2 see if it works out then thell bring it out here if it does.hopefully not tho.
  9. Game905

    Game905 Senior Member

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    Colour Vision is decent has some nice colours
  10. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

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    the stock cap is ok for outlines.
  11. Church

    Church Senior Member

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    Im in pittsburgh right now, but i remeber awhile back in NJ all the spraypaint was male caps at the home depot. ALL of it, even rusto. Fucking unpro if you ask me <_<
  12. tesfortis

    tesfortis Senior Member

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    I live in Michigan & the only male valves I've seen are on the gloss painters touch. I love the American accent colors... all of them. I hope they don't change.
  13. fnt

    fnt Senior Member

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    I went to home depot today and they had a lot of awesome colors definately more than usual, I bought a couple of can, and as I was leaving I remembered this thread checked and they were male cans. So I went back and returned them...

    If anyone wants female caps Mtn Colors sells them from their website because their classic cans have male valves. Here's a link to their caps they have fats and skinnies, I'm thinking about ordering some myself.

    Yes it does. They are trying to market their new comfort tip, and see how it sells. It's basically a beta test of paint. But, who knows how long they plan to keep them.[/b][/quote]
    that doesn't make sense, they're just European style caps, you can get male them or make them already. Why would they spend the money to change the cans when they could just make a male european style cap?
  14. Cash HYE

    Cash HYE Member

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    i was at lowes and home depot today and jsut about all the cans had the new caps on them except for the 98 cent stuff on the floor. i remember that awhile ago i was able to get the cap out and toss in a regualr cap i had but i forgot how i did it.
  15. ShadowDwellerOner

    ShadowDwellerOner Senior Member

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    Tresseme hair spray caps work. or save some lunch money and go to mtn's website and order the mtn classic caps for male valve cans Just because you graff doesnt mean that everything has to be fuckin free man and anyways with enough practice you can just learn how to get use to the caps the only problem i see is that since they are any angle spray it doesnt let you spray out some extra pressure.
  16. Kao.Ali

    Kao.Ali Senior Member

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    the stock cap is ok for outlines. [/b][/quote]
    Word. just use the stocks
    One nice thing about the new valves is that you can spray at any angle. so I can tag the ground better, which might seems stupid but its fun sometimes
  17. fnt

    fnt Senior Member

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    can you still clear the caps by turning the can upside down?
  18. ShadowDwellerOner

    ShadowDwellerOner Senior Member

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    no thats one of the problems with the any angle spray. you just have to take the cap off and blow through it but try and do it before it clogs cause chances are you cant blow hard enough to clear the clog.
  19. fnt

    fnt Senior Member

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    yeah I just got a can today, you can't clear the valve like normal, but I think it would be good if you were upside-down painting on a bridge. I'm surprised, I really like the new valve, you can get super skinny lines it you press lighter, then you can get bigger than a stock cap if you press harder. Plus this is using the same cap. Maybe I'll take some pictures to show.
  20. ShadowDwellerOner

    ShadowDwellerOner Senior Member

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    yea the valve is decent now try and use it to throw down your outline its very possible just not as easy as being able to use a german outline. I see homies that can pull it off like its a regular can but they've also been paintin 10+ years