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Painting Trains

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by the infamous one, Jul 10, 2004.

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  1. FALIN1

    FALIN1 Member

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    shitty paint+train+drippy shit
  2. ...uhh

    ...uhh Senior Member

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    one of the first things i ever painted was a train, simply becasue i have a layup behind my HOUSE! i swear to god u all are goonna call me a liar but its true the layup is for the mitsubishi chemical plant and a limber yard so i have these really nice falt freights that hold liquids comeing through and these really old rusty ones ( which suck ass) and my friend lives down the road from south norfolk train yard
    it is like 40 lines across and is like a half mile long with NO fence
    i am blessed i suppose
  3. yakrian

    yakrian Senior Member

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    uhh... is telling the truth. Painted with him back there. Sickest place...nobody can see shit, especially at night. Way better than any yards or lay-ups around here in Edmonton.
  4. ...uhh

    ...uhh Senior Member

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    see i dont bullhshit i will get flicks if my cousin will let me borrow her camera but dont hold ur breath
  5. Hilo

    Hilo Elite Member

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    toys dont fuckign paint freights.
  6. ...uhh

    ...uhh Senior Member

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    i hope ur not talking bout me man ? cause that'd be fucked up... and toys need to jsut do what i did gat a piece of plywood and do ur thang then go out nad get up
  7. snap_pxc

    snap_pxc Senior Member

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    A wise writer once told me
    if u dont paint over the numbers on the train the shit wont get buffed as fast,and will probably still run in service
  8. Stim

    Stim Senior Member

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    Kids who paint over the numbers are toys, they don't know what they are doing. Piece goes over a blackbox, next day the whole train is buffed.
  9. T_R_O_N

    T_R_O_N Senior Member

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    it all depends on what type of trains your talking about, if your fucking with metro rails, its highly suggested you know your way in those tunnels. other than that getting should ask your local writers if your down with any that crush the frieghts.
  10. Ume

    Ume Moderator

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    painting freights is for homos....
  11. G-Fat

    G-Fat Elite Member

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    from far trains don't look high off the ground but those tanker ones, pretty high up there....
  12. bed.

    bed. Member

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    Ya I'd agree, don't even fuck with the fr8s if your new to writing... I didn't touch a train until I had been writen like 2-3 years...
  13. ptownbomber

    ptownbomber Senior Member

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    WTF? painting frieghts is so much fun
  14. Zulu

    Zulu Member

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    Gump town frieght trains are pretty easy. I mean, I've never painted a moving one before but from what I can tell drips arn't that much of a problem.
  15. lyndon05

    lyndon05 Member

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    in Australia frieghts are nothing hardly get painted . the public trains are the go. you have about 5 typs of trains u can paint. ya dont get much time tho, mostly 10 mins but ya can get ya 20 min termos. and ya yards. and if ya lucky the old wc chance will pop up. but sydney has the worst rep for getting done trying to paint a train. we have out own GTF graffiti task force. , they look like writers, act like writers. and they are very smart , if they have to they will steak out in the trains in the yards over night. and when the cunts get ya they arnt to nice to you..! heres a video of the aus moive KOC 3 some kinda old sydney pans.

    preety sure u can buy this on ebay or some shit. good movie if ya like the trailer
  16. whocares!?!?!

    whocares!?!?! Senior Member

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    will they stamp you if you go over the little code and the lot number on the right side of a tbox? (below "Rail-") what's that number mean?
    are there any important numbers/marks on common cars besides main reporting numbers? will they stamp you for going over a blackbox? (i.e. Below "-ling")
  17. planetaryduality

    planetaryduality Senior Member

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    ....yes dude.

    jus dont go over...frieghts.
  18. whocares!?!?!

    whocares!?!?! Senior Member

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    damn that's rough...
    i've seen a lot of stuff on flickr stamped even for load limit, brake comp and shit, i hardly ever see stamps in person though for anything besides the reporting marks and the main numbers below them.
  19. planetaryduality

    planetaryduality Senior Member

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    i dont fuck w/ any numbers on the end
  20. [B]awayfrom[BLESS]

    [B]awayfrom[BLESS] Member

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    yea dude. your not ready for a freight