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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by atxbomber666, Nov 6, 2004.

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your paranoia leval when bombing/tagging

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  1. BoRe-719-

    BoRe-719- Elite Member

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    neva scared...the only time i get paranoid or scared is when im about to do like a billborard or make some huge higofftheground jump where i could like fall and die. cops arent a big issue here
  2. Sli

    Sli Senior Member

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    iunno after a while i got less paranoid and more concentrating on my shit. besides bombing is done in seconds, in n out like a ninja, ya feel me?
  3. Seek139

    Seek139 Senior Member

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    i'll post up the snip-it sometime but i've been described in this sentance
    "The author of the letters CES12 has been sweeping through the area leaving wet letters in his wake" I've been mentioned as the shadow of Carbon County sometimes
  4. screw_loose

    screw_loose Elite Member

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    10, im a paranoid mother fucker.
  5. BBoy_ErbN

    BBoy_ErbN Senior Member

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    i used to be real paranoid...
    but it wore off fast... now i really just dont care unless im just gettin a real bad feelin, which i normally trust, leave whatever im doing and comeback to finish it later.
  6. illicit

    illicit Member

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    i dont want to get busted again

    paranoia 6+

    lol <3

    nah depends on area.

    inside train 3
    inside some room 2
    infront of trafic 4
    infront of ppl/cameras 5
  7. BestOne

    BestOne Member

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    Im pritty chill when i paint but i am also causiose i wont just go and paint an area i will study it and then paint it that way ur safe and u know the exits.
  8. toxus

    toxus Elite Member

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    like, some of you need to calm down when putting up tags/bombs or what ever, your only putting paint on a surface, if, thats a small if, you get caught, the worst there going to do is take your paint/makers, a little fine, and maybe ask you to clean it off.
    Its not like your robbing a bank.

    Also, when you shit your self when hitting things up, most the time it looks sloppy, and you would have wished you had just chilled...
  9. syrup2

    syrup2 Elite Member

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    whenever im in a main street like 5
  10. klipa

    klipa Senior Member

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    yeah toxus i know what you meen evrythings gunna look shit if you prang out and rush,

    but if you get caught espeasuly droping a tag you can be linked to all others and that = criminal damage. espesiouly where i live they use tag mapping and shit
  11. aces

    aces Elite Member

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    i said 2 but it really depends on the spot
  12. BestOne

    BestOne Member

    • Messages: 41
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    Yeah word wen i did my 1st hop outs ona train the tags were soo fucking chat becuase i siked my self up to much and shit and i was to scared. now its chill as
  13. streak!

    streak! Senior Member

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  14. Mafioso

    Mafioso Senior Member

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  15. E-Terror

    E-Terror Elite Member

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    0-1 if everythings going well, but itll go up to like 3-4 ifi see something that could potentially kill/arrest us
  16. molotow_15

    molotow_15 Elite Member

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  17. jez

    jez Senior Member

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    I am ALWAYS paranoid.
    Even at home.

    Its even worse if im out.. especially in crowded places. TERRIBLE.

    but i dont PAINT because that stuff can get you introuble with the police.
    so i have nothing to worry about :lol:

    ugh im always so scared.
  18. Divison One

    Divison One Senior Member

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  19. sok

    sok Senior Member

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    im a 3 when i use spray paint because of the damn ball but when i use markers im a 2
  20. r.A.n.D.o.M

    r.A.n.D.o.M Senior Member

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