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Places That Get Bombed But Wouldn't Have Before

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by _Sic_, Dec 20, 2005.

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  1. _Sic_

    _Sic_ Senior Member

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    Alright so my cous told me its not kool to write on churches and houses and places like that, but I went to visit my fam in LA and theres this church at the end of the street that people bomb and shite like that, i've noticed its like a crew name though. Just asking why they would do that or anyone would do that
  2. Bombers Ambition

    Bombers Ambition Elite Member

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    do know what happens to you if u get caught bombing or taggin a church and if u dont think u shouldnt have to think too hard though
  3. Ekwol

    Ekwol Senior Member

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    thats NOT even kool to write up a church 4reals tho
  4. alive

    alive Banned

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    no one should write on anything belonging to a non-profit orginization or a private person.

    against our code.
  5. Ekwol

    Ekwol Senior Member

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    but its more than that...i just cant write up tha house of tha lord...
  6. st3ve-ES

    st3ve-ES Senior Member

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    If ya get caught bombing a church/synagogue or whatever not only do you get a vandalism charge but you also get a hate crime charge as well.

    I've mistakenly tagged the back of a synagogue looked like a regular building and I just went up and sprayed on the doors. Then walked around and seen it was a synagogue...Sorry who ever jewish people worship.
  7. AMAZ tbscrew

    AMAZ tbscrew Elite Member

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    jewish people worship...God.... <_<
  8. st3ve-ES

    st3ve-ES Senior Member

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    Oh, never met the fellow.
  9. Kingz514

    Kingz514 Elite Member

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    i wouldnt graff churches, hospitals or sex shops ;)
  10. repo302

    repo302 Senior Member

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    dont fuck with chruches or homes writin on some ones crib is kinda fucked up if u think about it and doin shyt like that will get your local neigborhood heros to wonna buff shit
  11. ...K_R_Y_L_O_N...

    ...K_R_Y_L_O_N... Senior Member

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  12. chas

    chas Elite Member

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    im an atheist and i dont even think hittin churches is cool
  13. Cccp.aeroC

    Cccp.aeroC Senior Member

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    the only reason i dont bomb every church where i live is because i respect other people's beliefs.. otherwise its just another building with a clean wall..
  14. kaoss80506

    kaoss80506 Senior Member

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    yea we do that out here in LA but uhh me and my homies usually go to tha bed and we see passed out bums and tag all over their face and their yea its kool and were u from?
  15. clueless

    clueless Member

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    <_< i know for sho that aint cool, those must of been some disrespectful fuck ups, where they asses at :angry:
  16. CaM-ONER

    CaM-ONER Senior Member

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    word that shit is messed up
  17. dirmaster0

    dirmaster0 Senior Member

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    Man I hear u straight up--Im an atheist too and I'd never fucking bomb a church or a Mosque--man fuck that--Even with them justifying killing through the crusades--man fuck that

    And to that little faggot--Dont fuck with homeless people--I swear cause if you were fuckin homeless, passed out under a bridge, what the fuck do you think you'd do when some bitch ass kid came up and tried to bomb you? I'd fuckin kill the faggot--You should think twice before doing that shit--Especially in LA

    Some faggot kid tried that up in the twin cities and got stabbed up--Had to get his legs ampt--and I know LA's harder than here


    Anyway I'd add police stations to that--Cause you can get booked with so much shit now thanks to that patriot act shit-- I mean from vandalizing to causing domestic terror--whatever the fuck they can think of (prolly J walking too)...... It isnt wrong to bomb a pig stye, its just You gotta live with the charges if your stupid ass gets caught ya kno?

  18. -resq-love-obk-

    -resq-love-obk- Elite Member

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    gods not real. churches are dumb. i like when anti christ people draw upside down crosses and 666 on churches. but whatever. i dont really care i just dont like when people whine about it.
  19. ghostbusta5

    ghostbusta5 Elite Member

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    ya same here, i would never bomb a church, or place of worship
  20. DARK1

    DARK1 Senior Member

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    fuck bombin churches...that shits messed up