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PlayStation 3

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Thrice, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. Thrice

    Thrice Elite Member

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    MGS4 was sick, when it released the online play lacked. I guess they changed a few things?
  2. kill_fred

    kill_fred Senior Member

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    got that mgs4.havent played it yet tho....
  3. Mr Tasty

    Mr Tasty Banned

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    resident evil 5 is comin out next year...but i havent played any of the other 4...
    is ther a on going story that i should know about?...should i play all the other 4?
    or will just resident evil 4 do?...or does each game have a individual story?

    i am gonna want to buy it...and i dont mind catching up by playing the other ones...but the ps1 ones look horrible in graphics..dono if i can handle it after just getting a ps3
  4. WoeInfinite

    WoeInfinite Elite Member

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    ^ i feel the same way about the ps1 situation.
    i wanna get RE5 too..
    never played any others.
    GOD OF WAR 3 anyone?
    helll yeahhh.
    and woo Lil big planet for christmas..
  5. militia

    militia Senior Member

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    the new 007 game is fuckn dope! same style as cod 4, but better
  6. smet

    smet Member

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    little big planet is shit lol
  7. choderickbenson

    choderickbenson Member

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  8. jape-the-nape

    jape-the-nape Elite Member

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    fuckoff ,that shit looks funky as
    possibly the only reason i would ever buy a ps3

    SBOMBS Elite Member

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    fallout on pc is the shit....i lost 1 and 2
  10. IlikePie

    IlikePie Elite Member

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    Fallout 3, Little Big Planet and Resistance 2. My new cocaine.
  11. MarOne...

    MarOne... Elite Member

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    Metal Gear Solid's story was fucking epic.
  12. IlikePie

    IlikePie Elite Member

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    I skipped the cut scenes, I don't have that much time
  13. MarOne...

    MarOne... Elite Member

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    Well, my PS3 gamertag thing is Macabr.

    I got MGS4 and Resistance 1.

    Add me I s'pose.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2008
  14. Olick

    Olick Elite Member

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    MGS4 is kinky as can be. graphics are orgasmic

    so is cod4

    and resistance1/2

    and assassins creeds

    and devilmaycry.

    and little big planet.

    to bad my ps3 died =[ got them bluray problems. waiting for sony's coffin box.
  15. pockets5096

    pockets5096 Member

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    i can't wait to get my PS3 got two games with it GTA4 and MGS4 i wanna cop LITTLE BIG PLANET too i was playing it at gamestop and found it hard for me to pull away
  16. PeeInTheShower

    PeeInTheShower Elite Member

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    the nazi zombie feature of the new call of duty.. i swear to god, it will actually have you screaming. eventually as the levels progress there's more and they start running faster... by level ten nazi zombies are running at you fast as fuck, and when you reload they all bumrush your ass.
  17. SKriBL*666

    SKriBL*666 Elite Member

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    Someone hit me up to play...

    Tag: AngelsAndBombs

    -Mirrors Edge
    -Moto GP 08
  18. IlikePie

    IlikePie Elite Member

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    How is Mirrors Edge? I thought it looked kinda corny on the demo, and I got pissed when I'd kill one of the S.W.A.T. guys and his gun was empty....
  19. MontanaPainter

    MontanaPainter Elite Member

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    is the story and gameplay on fallout 3 worth going past the first town?
  20. IlikePie

    IlikePie Elite Member

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    I dunno, didn't pay attention to the story really, I just kill everything.