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Post Pictures Of Your Girl (18+)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mr. she77, Mar 11, 2005.

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  1. Scino & Spank

    Scino & Spank Senior Member

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  2. Nem

    Nem Elite Member

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    so true.

    there are a lot of trendy hipster bitches too. that i dont like either.
  3. MedTwo

    MedTwo Senior Member

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    Nem, in this thread you defend chicks looking like guys, pale as fuck and a bit chubby, but in the hot girls thread, you post photo's of blond, fake tittied porno chicks, after you've said in here you don't like bimbo looking fake blondes. What do you like?
  4. Nem

    Nem Elite Member

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    ]i dont really have an ultimate preference for women.
    i just have different tastes.
  5. lolumad?

    lolumad? Senior Member

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    i think tastes for girls depends, a girl that is "hot" or you would wanna fuck, is alot different from a girl you would date or something
  6. GaZm13

    GaZm13 Elite Member

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  7. atlok7

    atlok7 Elite Member

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    indeed. i agree 100%.. but when you get that combo in one chick its magic.
  8. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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  9. WoeInfinite

    WoeInfinite Elite Member

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  10. Proper

    Proper Elite Member

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  11. Scheme*119

    Scheme*119 Elite Member

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  12. EgoZen

    EgoZen Elite Member

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    Remember this beauty?..
    Well yesterday she woke up in my bed, today I woke up in hers...
    Yes I`m so freakin` happy about it I have to scream it out everywhere!:rolleyes::D
    Her new tattoo done on the 13th of August:

    Her sexy back:

    It is nice to feel loved again and to love someone =)
    Damn I`m happy!!
    btw: she is 15... so she`s straight up jailbait!
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2008
  13. Nem

    Nem Elite Member

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    i did a little lolling at this...

    i appreciate you're sleuthy initiative.
  14. darkstar

    darkstar Senior Member

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    those are crazy eye brows
  15. -sense-

    -sense- Senior Member

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    summa lovin happens so fast
    knew that shit wasnt goina last
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2008
  16. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    im sorry.... it i would NOT pay to get that ink on me that script is soooooo shitty

    the person who did it obviously doesnt know what there doing look how swollen it is, she probably gunna have to go back to get it touched up cas i can already tell you alot of the inks going to reject, the guy cant even do a solid line... fuck that id be PISSED

    as for the back yes it is sexy... and as for the waking up in each others beds.... did anything happen yet or yall still just friends
  17. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    posted ti just for you...girls slammin, i think i love her...

    takeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn meeeee, take on me
    takkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee meeeeeeeeeeeeee onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  18. Nem

    Nem Elite Member

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    wow. that video is stunning.

    haha. im glad you found a soulmate.

    that girl used to bake me cookies all the time....
  19. nero112

    nero112 Elite Member

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    gesus bod mod knowledge guy he will know when you need a tetnis shot or to go beat the shit out your ink man ...i need a new tatt:/ n the fuck that vid was fucked up lol
  20. EgoZen

    EgoZen Elite Member

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    It is a mobile phone pic Gesus the script is exactly how she wanted it...
    Except some little bits are left out because they would be senseless to do it
    because the tattoos are really small (she is a small girl)...
    The tatt is not swollen as it looks on this picture..
    As you can see the font looks like this...THERE ARE NO SOLID LINES...
    The little lines and stuff had to be taken of because in 10 years
    those lines little lines would be fucked up..
    (I will post a pic when it˙s healed)

    So don`t talk shit about my tatt artist...

    Nero believe me I know much about tattoos too ;)
    I have worked in a tattoo shop in Germany for almost 2 years..

    And for the bed thing...
    if you˙d remember my post back and what they said you would know...
    Anyway, we are taking baby steps and taking it slowly...
    I˙m just happy she`s around because she is the coolest girl
    I have ever met...
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2008