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Post Your Painted Pieces FLICKS>talk

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by Aero, May 5, 2004.

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  4. dangeri

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    Last weeks bits from Wolverhampton Jam, hopefully have pics from the rest of the jam soonly.
    Picture 023.jpg
    whole wall : was dark by the time ballbag up the ladders finished
    Picture 007.jpg
    my face : just to clarify... i dont actually look like this
    Picture 020.jpg
    pese piece
    Picture 021.jpg
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  5. gemer

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    yo esar are you in tha D man?

    10742037826_26f9ff0e53_s.jpg 10876576983_43ae7f83b7_s.jpg 10876576983_ad6551515a_h.jpg 10876576983_ad6551515a_h.jpg

    dude forgive me idk y it looks like that

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  6. Ani-33

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  7. BaYeNoRe1

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  11. The Gote 709

    The Gote 709 Senior Member

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    the kash seez kombo wall. all those pieces are tight as it gets, diggin the semk. not even gonna talk about esar or meks cause they know they run shit. heres my lil new years diddy, fuckin freezing out man, heres to the new year everyone, stay up!
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  12. Chrono

    Chrono New Member

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    lol i wouldnt put esar close to meks level...
    the dudes letters aint even nice idk what the buzz about
    even those yellow lines and dots in his last post are bitten right off a rapes piece
  13. BaYeNoRe1

    BaYeNoRe1 Banned

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  14. krazyphlava

    krazyphlava Senior Member

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    I dont take enough time to look at other peoples shit to even get influenced, not to mention bite. Atleast post a picture of these claims you make or forever remain a clown hiding behind a fake account. Stay gay
  15. Arose.One

    Arose.One Elite Member

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    they have different styles, i don't know why you'd want to make a comparison. apples and oranges.
    mek seems like he puts most of his energy into the technical aspects of a piece, with his ornate fills, perfect linework, nice color schemes.
    esar puts more of his energy into flow and spontaneity. his stuffs always raw as fuck. clashing colors, mix of organized and random. dudes a bomber at heart, while mek is more of a designer. if that makes sense.
    they're both pretty skilled in their own way.
    as if your first post is some hate-on-a-cat shit. post flicks before trying to throw your weight around, clown.
  16. krazyphlava

    krazyphlava Senior Member

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    lololol im nowhere near mek so its funny someone would think so but i do appreciate it and its okay arose some people just cant stand to see a brother shine.
  17. EBA

    EBA Elite Member

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    It's probably another account from your favorite dick-riding fan. Seems like his thing.
  18. krazyphlava

    krazyphlava Senior Member

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    went out of my way and followed this dude on ig to see for myself
    looks like my idea is not far as biting.....well looks like me and probably a few thousand others are biting this one guy!
    so to the man hiding behind a screename and keyboard, keep hating and ill keep accelerating
    almost at 3 years painting now and ive come to realise that dudes get jealous when they see someone accomplish what theyve done in half the time
    keep chirpin

    11019145886_89eeb40100_o.jpg 11757796913_00977c87e3_o.jpg 11758293996_4896ebc8e1_o.jpg

    just for bragging rights NO CUT BACKS

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  19. StyleGeek7

    StyleGeek7 Guest

    Krazyphlava, Thank you for taking the red pill. A wise choice.
    Welcome to the team.
  20. Ani-33

    Ani-33 Moderator

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    did this for a animal clinic, laugh if ya want but i had fun with it