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Post Your Painted Pieces FLICKS>talk

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by Aero, May 5, 2004.

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  1. hampi

    hampi Member

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    hampi - Münster

  2. EUKER_NOS72k

    EUKER_NOS72k Member

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    First piece in a couple years! Cheers guys! EEBEB275-C7E7-491B-B042-5F5B6AB9DF0F.jpeg
  3. Stix71

    Stix71 Member

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    Stix71 / NHR / Sweet Writers / Charleroi / Belgium o_O Ghost metro...


    You want more flixxies check my instagram... HERE !
    <<< CLICK !
  4. dangeri

    dangeri Elite Member

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    Apologies if it seems like Snot Spam but don’t think I’ve visited in over 12 months. Hope all is well with anyone that’s been here long enough to remember me.

    Some bits from the last year here. Still managed to pump out 40 pieces given the shartness of the year.
    5EE3BFE1-6946-4110-9EA6-77690BAF744B.jpeg 06CD34B7-81C3-49A9-91CC-132E4CA4844C.jpeg E3F54F04-C047-49C3-BEF6-3F90C26ADE43.jpeg 814D811F-2DD3-4740-A365-86D8B662283E.jpeg 004D59FA-906A-4769-9C38-3C91F5094366.jpeg ADEF6CEC-0811-4884-A7F1-177C90CCF297.jpeg 7FD91016-BB23-4860-BA70-0024C5263FE4.jpeg D147DDB2-7396-4940-9B56-7F7627A2C2DB.jpeg 27CE8893-4122-404D-8905-98BB802C7F01.jpeg 442084AA-350F-4243-9694-FCDA0C4D8E28.jpeg 5AB177A7-8458-4435-AE92-B0C0CEF00DD3.jpeg 1DC2DEC5-EA8E-4FE1-988B-96E1ED2BBD64.jpeg
  5. Wulster

    Wulster Member

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  6. dangeri

    dangeri Elite Member

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    BD9482F2-74BA-4712-8D8C-BC39F631A98A.jpeg 6172E29C-F4C2-4D7F-B7BE-E5BDE552F9B5.jpeg

    Few more bits from UK. Painted more but files size too big to put on here. Hope everyone is well.
  7. RebelSpöhn

    RebelSpöhn New Member

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    Hi, I'm fairly new to this and I haven't touched a can yet, haven't felt good enough yet but please accept my paint marker creations. ✌
    If there is a better thread for these, lmk.
    Critique is always welcome. Screenshot_20210220-065827.jpg
  8. dangeri

    dangeri Elite Member

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    F901A0C9-B0D5-4BE0-947F-948BD9100523.jpeg One more from the weekend
  9. EvanKaner14318044007

    EvanKaner14318044007 New Member

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    Syrpgraffiti - instagram / tiktok
  10. Swul

    Swul Senior Member

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    Damn I appreciate ya'll. Everyone lookin fly. @dangeri i'm lovin it man. respect
  11. P35T

    P35T Member

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    IMG_20210315_190354_105_compress30.jpg IMG_20210315_104242_compress31.jpg PEST PM OFA
  12. LizzyLin

    LizzyLin Member

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    Great, I'll use it.