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Post Your Painted Pieces FLICKS>talk

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by Aero, May 5, 2004.

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  1. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    yea you did miss somthing someone said actually it was havok is called evak senas saying " its not supprising senas would make a comment liek that" but it was really about when evak told the kid to stop painting and he would be better off..

    but i deleated all the beef posts...

    and melo dont paint over anyone you, yourself cant burn that shit wont last a fucking day
  2. Havoc411

    Havoc411 Elite Member

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    oh, my B. i guess i read that quote too fast, but still, just replace sensa with evak in the same statement and its still the point i was trying to make, haha
  3. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    all good homie we got the point across
  4. melo

    melo Senior Member

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    the thing was worse.. my "mentor" told me to write in just a book for a year and thats what ive been doing, and this was my first time goin out, takin my time.. so just practicing whatever control i have.. but yea i wouldnt go over someone that burned mine, im not that much of a toy (contrary to what it seems)
  5. Havoc411

    Havoc411 Elite Member

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    yeah, you are a really big toy kid, that shit right there is fucking terrible. if youve had your nose in a book for a year and are doing shit that ugly still, quit.

    cause honestly, thats wack as fuck. like, thats worse than snakes
  6. tonedope

    tonedope Elite Member

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    havik i think ure bombs would look more raw if you made them straight an not curved to one side, nice tho.
  7. Havoc411

    Havoc411 Elite Member

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    word, i just tends to happen witht eh overall shape of the letters. i def feel you on that though, and ive noticed it myself
  8. <ARK ONE>

    <ARK ONE> Senior Member

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    is this piece on the wall where was piece ACTIVISON, that someone done for tony hawks game....???
  9. melo

    melo Senior Member

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    i dunno about the activision..

    but heres what i based the toy ass shit from

    havok - that critisicm taken in consideration.. wont post till get better wth paint
  10. Mse

    Mse Elite Member

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    ahh colors colors colors

    ice teaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  11. Undecided

    Undecided Senior Member

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    when you said you had been drawing in the book for a year did you mean you started one day and then picked it up and drew in it again a year later? because i honestly dont understand how over a year long period you couldnt have progressed. you either must be doing this for attention from your friends or trying to jump on the bandwagon. stick to the books man. and for the my helpful comment and everyone will agree with me on this... Melo stick with simple straight letters first (maybe for another year)
  12. melo

    melo Senior Member

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    nah not doin this to jump on bandwagon or for attention.. that last piece was actually quite old, but the only thing i had..

    sorry for posting not painted pieces but i want to defend myself.. heres some more recent work

    i'll will try and stick to more simple though.. thanks for the advice
  13. Klaz

    Klaz Elite Member

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    your sketches are good ALOT better than that painted shit you posted.

    When you paint are you actually looking at the sketch?I'm not a artist but i've seen most piecers look at the book/paper while they are doin it.Maybe you should do that.

    sorry i couldnt give more advice but bombers and artists are miles apart.

    good sketches tho
  14. melo

    melo Senior Member

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    my blackbook got stolen midway thru my outline so i guess nah, didnt look at it.. was so mad couldnt concentrate
  15. anyk

    anyk Senior Member

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  16. discount warehouse

    discount warehouse Senior Member

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  17. virus

    virus Senior Member

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    hmm..not feeling it that much..i like it though..but ure other shits better
  18. Aero

    Aero Elite Member

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    mater you shit is usual
  19. saltybastard

    saltybastard Moderator

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  20. Iamyourrealfatherbitchnigga

    Iamyourrealfatherbitchnigga Senior Member

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    His sketches are fucking wack dude. It's that simple. A year and thats what you've come up with?. Start simpler hommie, cerial box letter simple refine those and then start playing with extensions. I'm not trying to sound like a dick, but a year and nobody has told you what your doing wrong yet? And thats bound to slow down your progression. Just backstep, get your letter structure refined and then start with the extensions, trust me, it'll help.