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Post Your Painted Pieces FLICKS>talk

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by Aero, May 5, 2004.

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  1. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    lol all those joint are super small anything on trains or a big enough wall that i can chill and paint at u know i bgeer then i am but these days my arms are short with too deep of pockets not to menchion i liek shit looking ugly but whatever like i always so i always appreciate the advice from the people who are better then me, specially from the ones who are fam like you mr. hepos

    but anything on that half pip is gonna be about less then 2 feet high and not that long i paint while they skate and sence i skated for 14 years im not gonna block off a whole quater pipe just so i can bust a peice, but once again the construt crit is much appreciated, but now let move on to others i dont need to be talked about for 4 pages
  2. Lester Berns

    Lester Berns Senior Member

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    my ceaze comment was for some green piece a page or 2 back... keger or something like that (not the copenhagen Kegr... that dude is a king)
  3. -kosr-

    -kosr- Senior Member

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    Toy forum please, and your gonna regret that tattoo when your older.
  4. Yusef245

    Yusef245 Member

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    yeah, its pretty gross.
  5. krysnum1

    krysnum1 Senior Member

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    hes not that toy, but that tatto is fucking stupid....

    send his ass to the toy fourm!
  6. cnue

    cnue Senior Member

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    someone buy me a cameraaa
  7. E-Terror

    E-Terror Elite Member

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    BRAINE Elite Member

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    you should be banished as well.
  9. PainFulOne

    PainFulOne Senior Member

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  10. ---CRoR---

    ---CRoR--- Elite Member

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  11. ekto

    ekto Member

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    pain at top is nice colours and fill are cool
  12. im_the_best

    im_the_best Member

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    its ok.... i guess
    but keep improving and ull be as good as me one day
  13. PainFulOne

    PainFulOne Senior Member

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    i try! thanks for the props!
  14. im_the_best

    im_the_best Member

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  15. ''SCC''

    ''SCC'' Senior Member

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    hahaahahah that guy is funny^^^^^^^
  16. PainFulOne

    PainFulOne Senior Member

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    i can't help it!
  17. Avos

    Avos Elite Member

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  18. sika_2002

    sika_2002 Elite Member

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    yo avos, that peice is wierd but i like it. props
  19. westsida

    westsida Elite Member

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    sika,are you on britishbombing?
    whats ur username?
  20. SiLeNt-BoB

    SiLeNt-BoB Elite Member

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    no fool ..he left...which is what you should do..cause its full of toys.and a lotta shite..