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Problem with homemade ink

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Brad Quill, Mar 14, 2018.

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  1. Brad Quill

    Brad Quill New Member

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    so I made my ink with pens, methylated spirits and dot4 brake fluid, I put it in a brand new mop but it is really weird because when I write it kinda blends to the surface and drips in big chunks (it's hard to explain), basically the sides are really fuzzy and not clean, any suggestions?
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  2. Wepon...

    Wepon... Member

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  3. Wepon...

    Wepon... Member

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    Probably way too much brake fluid. All you need is a pinch. Too much and the ink gets wayy too thick . Get some more pens, some marsh some pilot and some leather dye . That's what I use it' been good for me
  4. Ozen

    Ozen Member

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    are you squeezing too hard or something? but like wepon said, put less brake fluid next time if you dont like drips
  5. HexxInkworks

    HexxInkworks Senior Member

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    First batch of ink i made was like this and i put loads of break fluid in, you only need a few drops
  6. 2004 ONE

    2004 ONE New Member

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    YO man I made a hella good ink when fucking around in my garage
    get some
    wood stain
    india ink
    stamp ink
    rit dye (powder)
    soultip paint
    dot 3
    fish oils

    take all those ingrediants and throw em into a big fat bottle and you got a nice ink

    i recommend 1/3 india ink 1/3 soultip paint 1/3 woodstain take the other ingredients and throw em in and you are up and out