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Questions for "Vandals", college project on graffiti as a visual argument

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Odyssey, May 10, 2020.

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  1. Odyssey

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    Read first: This is my first post on this website and have only childhood experience through cousins showing me how to spray and what they had tagged, so feel free to skip, modify or critique a question to answer comfortably. This is for my college discussion on what makes graffiti an art-form versus vandalism. If you post here I ask you permission to quote and use your account alias, website will not be disclosed.

    I've been lurking the forums sifting though mounds of talent, motivation and dedication to what I consider to be a art form. That being said, some may feel graffiti is vandalism, no matter if it's to push a Banksy like political message or just a common tag. Feel free to answer any number of the questions and thank you for taking the time!


    Q 1. What's the difference between a beautifully sprayed phrase, image, or tag on a train car and a common home depot spray can phrase, image, or tag crudely spayed at the skate park? Both illegally done.

    Q 2. Why do you feel Banksy gets so much attention compared to other artists you may know that are on his level?

    Q 3. Political or not, does a message give a graffiti piece validity to exist in an illegal environment like some Banksy pieces? Additionally, do you feel like this is unfair for unknown graffiti artists?

    Q 4. In your eyes is graffiti always vandalism or is it circumstantial? Is there a point where the message outweighs the law as a form of free-speech upheld by The First Amendment?

    Q 5. Who decides what graffiti is considered art right now? Is it the wealthy or everyday people that decide what stays up

    Bonus: If your community provided legal tagging areas around your town or city would there be less illegal graffiti? How would this benefit artist in another way if you can provide an example?

    If you answered any of the questions, thanks again. My discussion for class had me researching graffiti again but what brought me to Bombing Science was my own research for an old graffiti web game I would practice with before my cousins got home called LRPD Vandal Squad. For those who remember the web game, I remember climbing under or over the train carts to hide from... British officers, always though that was weird? Hope everyone is staying safe in these crazy times!