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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Sep 6, 2004.

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  1. RASKY

    RASKY Member

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    ive seen some people making paint mops that have a 2 tone like (ex: pink paint with an orange halo or black with a red halo) does pearl ex duo pigment work for that or do i need to look into it more, also would it be better to mix a pigment in with rusto or white latex house paint.
  2. lustmn

    lustmn New Member

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    that's gonna be a mixture of 2 pigment carriers, be it like, oil and acrylic or stainer and ink. if you want a good one expect to experiment a lot, most solutions will just produce muddy bullshit.

    goldens and garvey worked nice for me where i tried it
  3. Toy584

    Toy584 Member

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    What does "one" mean after tags? I've seen many taggers put it after their tags.
  4. Bants

    Bants Senior Member

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    it used to mean you didnt rep any crews... or its the originator for the name. if you got busted you add a 2.

    SSTRCMPLX Member

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    Late reply but since I only fuck with hands (and a touch of throws) I'll toss in some input. This has been my process, but could be useful to others starting out. Rather than learning "graffiti letters" I believe it's easier, at least in the beginning, for your hands to be exaggerations and evolutions of your existing writing style.

    What I mean is when you write fast (think note-taking), you naturally form connections between your letters and you have a natural rhythm and flow to that writing. Now slow that down and adjust things to make them more uniform and consistent in structure and form. Your basic handwriting already has the foundations of your unique style;exaggerate those and pick up some new letters to integrate and you have the beginning of a functional hand. Keep practicing that and it will begin to flow as naturally as your "normal" handwriting.

    I do NOT believe in writing individual letters (e.g., alphabets) over and over unless you are explicitly trying to learn a new style and/or are practicing letter forms. The structure and flow of a hand largely comes from writing WORDS over and over. Over time, at least for me, I implicitly know what words will write "well" because of the letters contained within and the structure of the word as a whole. Then, pick a name to write. This is easier than learning how to write a name from scratch and ideal if you're still starting out. You should be compulsively writing on paper before you even think about touching a wall. One thing I do is any sheet of paper I'm thinking of throwing away I fill with a random word or tag practice beforehand.

    Do take this with a grain of salt because I do think alphabets are important and I ain't shit anyway. I just believe the process outlined above will help develop speed, flow, and consistency--all essential for any hand.
  6. Toy584

    Toy584 Member

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    What do numbers after tags mean?
  7. Bants

    Bants Senior Member

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    i believe it used to mean what block you stayed at or were up in, in oldschool new york or other cities... maybe a birth year... not so sure now, a number can mean whatever you want it to mean now a days.
  8. Dsev

    Dsev Member

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    Hey everyone,
    I'm super new. Toy af.
    I made some slaps on post labels. Is there a way to keep them slick? (Something to put over top of them -- a sealant of some kind?) I want them to last. What do you do?

    ALSO, is there a thread for toys to show slaps for constructive criticism?

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  9. Jeter

    Jeter Member

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    Yo ok so.... could bubble letters be considered a hand style?
  10. Tuke

    Tuke Senior Member

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  11. ElbowMacK187

    ElbowMacK187 Elite Member

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  12. Jeter

    Jeter Member

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    lol thanks, managed to work out something different than bubble letters.