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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Sep 6, 2004.

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  1. ElbowMacK187

    ElbowMacK187 Elite Member

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    Writeing sane is super toy just find a nother name or add a number .

    But other note
    Are these reloads really limited edition becuse I want to use them . but not if I really possibly cant get another one ?
  2. Supra475

    Supra475 Member

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  3. Drapes98

    Drapes98 Member

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    What do I do when im in a bad situation like generally a bad situation
  4. Jindo

    Jindo Member

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    Hey im a day 1 toy and im having a hard time grasping chisel tip. Ive been watching a few guys and they all seem to use their pens differently... some upside down etc. is there a proper way to use a chisel tip? And advice on the best way to practice handstyle? Also could i get feedback on d1 sketches

  5. Supra475

    Supra475 Member

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    Is the cyber truck logo for the new tesla toy graffiti
  6. gripe

    gripe Member

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  7. ajan9r

    ajan9r Member

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    nah it's straight
  8. DAPER

    DAPER Member

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    Anyone know of any good videos or movies that focus on handstyles? I'm trying to work on mine currently and I'm looking for inspiration. I would also love to learn some of the history. I saw a YouTube video where a guy was discussing the different styles he came across in different cities.

    Kind of looking for some inspiration to make into my own.
  9. PheelThaPhonk

    PheelThaPhonk New Member

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    Might be a dumb question but can you refill whiteout pens with those whiteout bottles? And can you use the bottles as refills for a mop?
  10. Stok13

    Stok13 New Member

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    Yo whatsup. I'm pretty new at graff and got some stickers coming pretty soon. I just wanted to ask what markers are the best for slaps. Like ones that will last awhile in the sun and stuff
  11. Bombthesystem123

    Bombthesystem123 Member

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    Hey stok i always racks oil based chisel markers, anything ink based will wash away, no sharpies, or use tham and put clear spray or white crayon or wax on them so they are waterproof (before slapping)
  12. Ciph

    Ciph Member

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    with paper slaps (postal stickers name badges etc.) you can use almost anything as long as it doesent fade in the sun. for eggshells i like to use paint markers. paint markers will last in the sun but ink can fade. and bombthesystem123 is right u probly shouldent use sharpies :)
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2020
  13. Stok13

    Stok13 New Member

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    Thanks. Clear spray paint works?
  14. Bombthesystem123

    Bombthesystem123 Member

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    Yea clear spray probby da best
  15. Stok13

    Stok13 New Member

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    Thanks. This really helps
  16. Qarabag

    Qarabag New Member

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    Gday guys, I just started painting a couple of months back, looking for any tips/crit/advice.

    Thanks![Broken External Image]:
  17. sycophant

    sycophant Senior Member

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    if you are rich you can keep painting, if you are broke stop painting immediately, pick up a ream of paper and start practicing key board letters, all day everyday until your letters look like keyboard letters, then post only the best effort you can and ill see if you are ready to paint
  18. InkSpot

    InkSpot Member

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    I don't know if this thread is alive and kicking but was wondering: is it skill or recognition that separates toy from pro?
  19. Supra475

    Supra475 Member

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    To be honest i think its mostly skill that differentiates u from being a toy but your recognition plays a part in tour reputation as a graffiti writer. Thats just what i think but im still trying not be a massive toy so
  20. SUG

    SUG Elite Member

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    Lol agreed