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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Sep 6, 2004.

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  1. MINE2 : C.H.A.P.S. CRU

    MINE2 : C.H.A.P.S. CRU Senior Member

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    In my opinion its skills. Just because you're recognized doesn't mean you're nice. I started writing back in the early 90s, around 94. Over the years I've seen pieces by folks who were "nobodies" that would put pieces by so called legends to shame. But thats not the important thing though, write for you as the foundation of graff is self expression.
  2. InkSpot

    InkSpot Member

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    What's more important: a unique style that is done repetitively, or versatility and being able to do some of everything? There is a writer, who's name I won't mention, it's a great style and he's done some great pieces but when I see his work it all kind of looks the same.
  3. Matt Wrigh

    Matt Wrigh Senior Member

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    While it may seem repetitive to you, the fact that you can recognize who it is just by the style tells me the artist has their own unique style!! Having ones own unique style that is both dope and identifying takes years so kudos to them!! I myself try to emulate every style I can. I think that is what ultimately will lead to "your" own style as you pull elements from all of the different styles you learn!! Artists styles will transform and evolve over their lifetimes as certain styles speak to different people at different stages of their lives depending on a number of different variables. In short, try lots of styles till you find yours!! Sorry for the length of post!! Here's my latest Blackbook pic I'm working on for my post.

  4. MINE2 : C.H.A.P.S. CRU

    MINE2 : C.H.A.P.S. CRU Senior Member

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    Learn and master the basics, then let your style evolve from there.
  5. InkSpot

    InkSpot Member

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    I'm still new to this forum so I accidentally started a thread for this question before I found this one. I'm curious as to why amateur writers are called toys?
  6. Bandeeem

    Bandeeem Member

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    Yo be prepear yourself as you read this
    Bear with me
    Wolf also
    And please try n answer here
    Im tired and a text back would be great


    Take a lesson from it?

    lets say ive picked up a trail from a Logo spray on a wall
    How does yall drop the trail if you aint likin it?

    Should i keep a pocket logo incase i need to switch to?

    And why is Wats app or android texting apps or what ever is part of this ?

    So.. The real question
    Sealing self as self
    Aint the internet a lovly mask shop?
    I can tell when its someone i know who jumped ship
    Its got nothing to do with watsapp
    A nearby logo
    Or w/e they made an experience for you to precive that it is that
    Theyre quickness of the hands and all about timing magic tricks is what you need to shake off
    Alright helicopters for that ...
    And alot of Spaceships too..
    Your welcome

    Hey respond with text with your user alright?
    You are?
    Ah right you are using me ...

    Funny ; 尸

    And to those writing your names on a wall ,
    Lets pretend you have a reason to write your name on a wall?
    I dont know if id see a name on a wall
    Id assume its , not the person whos name it is is who wrote it,

    Tough they say i am a toy (micro chipped?)
    So on my walkin abouts ive seen how checkin a name on a wall could bring a trail ?
    Or an experience id imagine provided by the person whos name it is?
    Arent we all a bunch of friendly nighbourhood teachers who give free streets lessons : 尸

    Then id shake the lessons from the Teacher whose taught to not-belive by flashing tech wizzardry and calling every one Toys micro chip fail faith and those kind of *lessons ....

    And alright
    Awesome so how do i shake of a trail mid walk if i picked up my sight for a *logo on a wall?
    Or how can i protect myself from laser wire joke Glyphs
    Lets not call them bombs shall we
    I live in a country where terrorists are real things its a bit disrespecting
    A bit disrespecting ?
    What did i say?
    Talking with the language?
    Talkin with the language is strange
    Tell me quick oh aint ♪♪♪♪
    Quick ?
    A name?
    No no quick silver
    Quick silver
    Silver ?
    Who got the gold?
    Yo 2nd place?
    On a clipper yo people
    Thats a funny way to give out
    The score
    Can you just text ?
    And write posts im tired from toughts as messages
    Tell me quick

    I tought it was hilarious when we the 2nd day we did another one with alcohol to promot weed legalisation

    Tell me quick
    Why did you number me ?
    Is the digital equipment a part of that &&&&& name lesson trail i shaked off
    for callin people Toys?

    Sorry i imagine yous alls see this much ?
    Can i shake off the confusion ?
    Or should i shake off caring ?

    Then protection?
    Should i glyph up roads i usually walk trough?
    Or they might be powered up as rune laser trip wires?
    Not best with controling my emotions
    Wheres the nearest Jedi academy?

    I recall the night we painted a wall
    And after that while meditating to sleep i could hear the street ?
    Was i slowly teleporting out into the street there ?
    Cause i have been experiencing lots of real like dreams
    Or did i leave ears on the street?

    Should i ever worry about clearing up an art peice of mine lets say , if the building switched tennents to people who aint likin me too much ?

    Could that be a window ?

    Yo so im recalling some bits back now
    Sorry about that one

    Lets all paint weed dispensers and rivers on walls for the other side now shall we?

    Really im not sure why im even askin this
    Just lookin to read how other people startin out experiencing this new old place

    Too strange yall just talkin on names and style

    Yooopo did any one check the native style house holograms clearing with bamboo darts ?
    I loved how the ocean provides the bamboo
    Did you catch using the piano like wood blocks outside to call out holograms befor walkin in?

    2nd place silver ! Dam right !!
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2020
  7. Bandeeem

    Bandeeem Member

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