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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Sep 6, 2004.

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  1. paste

    paste Senior Member

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    Olick, first of all you cant be sarcasm, thats sarcastic. And second of, posts on bombing science mean absolutely nothing. Its not liek you have to post a flick every time, in fact most of the forums on bombing science are just random chat. Now, granted, 3,000 is quite a bit for someone not ever hitting the streets, but its definately not impossible.
    Clockwork- Its the 10:30 ones dude.
    Oprah- Yeah dog, pretty much everyone is shit when they start, but you gotta just keep practicing. Carry a pen and pencil with you everywhere you go and always be sketchin. Also, find some decent guys here and listen to their opinions on stuff.
  2. clockwork

    clockwork Senior Member

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    I ordered the 10:30 ones before and they are shitty little colored stickers that just say 10:30 on them.

    Pretty much think the ones I ordered were them but I wasnt sure so I figured I would ask.

    But if Im wrong Ill be sure to correct myself later.

    2 more days lol WEWT!
  3. CRN-one

    CRN-one Senior Member

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    ^^^dude none of the ones you showed in that pic are right. You gotta make an account and log in before its even on the list for available stickers.

    You want the WebShip/Corporate addy labels, I believe. DHL rocks, I usually get shit next day to my office when I order stickers, and two days to my house. Not bad.

    USPS takes weeks.
  4. clockwork

    clockwork Senior Member

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    Its funny cause I know I have an account with DHL. I looked in all of my Email address's subfolders where I store that kinda shit, but I cant find it in any of them. So I just create a new one anyways.

    I appreciate the help tho man. Im long overdue for a good sticker session.
  5. daisyface

    daisyface Senior Member

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    alright so im gonna post this question here cuz i guess its the right place...

    So i pretty much have my simples down good and im having trouble progressing from there. i bend my bars, but i have no idea on how to go about adding extensions, etc. any body have any good tips?
  6. klipa

    klipa Senior Member

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    what im doing is constantly constantly re-drawing random letter combos, and trying diferent things evntualy i have god a bit of flow with the letters then the added bits come but this is just trial and error as you discover your own style youl have your own idea of what needs to go where you may not need big arrows or extra bits if your style comes off clean. just keep on going and going and youl notice your own advance as you look back .peace
  7. iloveyou.alive

    iloveyou.alive Banned

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    word, play with shit contantly constantly, eventually something willclick and itl work. i know how worthless of an answer that seems but its the only way.
  8. "spe@k"

    "spe@k" Member

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    so when everyone says you always have to have flat black and white... why is that? whats he problems or reasons for not using gloss black and white?
  9. Roolete

    Roolete Elite Member

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    flat black and white is just a classic color scheme. u can have gloss or whatever it doesnt mate a difference. color is fine too. i dont know who said no color.
  10. calculating infinity

    calculating infinity Elite Member

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    flat colors stick to the wall better.
  11. HuntingLOLs

    HuntingLOLs Senior Member

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    if you have them pretty much down you're way far off (and i dont believe you have them pretty much down. i just barely got my simples down and still working) keep doing simples and have fun with that. you needa learn to bend and screw your simples till you get flow - when you get flow you will find extensions alot easier to calculate...
  12. pocket change

    pocket change Senior Member

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    does anybody know what happens if you leave paint outside in like 40 degree weather?
  13. d_g

    d_g Elite Member

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    It should be fine, paint doesn't work too well when it's cold but if it warms up a bit it should be ok.
  14. harry

    harry Senior Member

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    what does happen to paint when it gets cold and how coldsoes it have to be to get watery or to thick or what ever happens to it thanks and by the way i was just reading the start of this thread and i have to say it...coo ur a fucking idiot
  15. soccerboy

    soccerboy New Member

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    i have a question. im having trouble developing a tag style. is there any advice or technique or anything to create a tag. i know everyone has there own style, but i mean like basic guidelines??
  16. C3ZR ONE

    C3ZR ONE Moderator

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    That's actually a tough one man. Developing a handstylestyle just takes ALOT of time and practice. Go to some back to school sales and get a bunch of 10 cent notebooks. Fill them up. I always advise practicing with chisel tip pens. It'll give you a better idea of what your line is doing, plus it just looks better. Work the entire alphabet. write whatever words pop into your head, experiment with each letter. You'll do something new and like it, and it will still probably suck. Just keep working at it. I won like 8 handstyle battles in a row on here last year and thought my handyrock was pretty ill. Looking back at the pictures, I hate my old handstyles. Study the tags thread in picture gallery. Don't bite, but look at the pictures and break down the tags. What's each letter doing? Try and figure out where the tag started and where he finished. Where do the lines curve? Where do they meet? all that shit will help you. Good luck
  17. T O K E

    T O K E Elite Member

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    what kind of flair can i add to a handstyle? i already scrunched it together and put it on a angle, i just cant find my camera

    #2 is what it looks like now, it's alot cleaner than these ones
    View attachment 303626
  18. d_g

    d_g Elite Member

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    IMO handys are harder than pieces.

    I mean like you can sit down, easily rock 100's of hands and still only have something half-decent.

    Yet a 10s of simples and you can have something nice.
  19. soccerboy

    soccerboy New Member

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    oh ok. and i had just 1 more question.

    are there any tips or advice on doing throw ups, technique wise? ive seen videos, where they create an outline in suppose blue, and fill it in the same colour, and go over the outline in a different colour, whereas in other videos, some people make the outline in 1 colour, and fill it in another colour.

    any help is appreciated.
  20. StAtiK1

    StAtiK1 Senior Member

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    generally the fill is done first (paint your letters then fill in with same color) then outline then shadowing/3d usually done in same color as outline, then u do a final outline over the whole thing. there also throw ups with no fills (just an outlide) and throw ups with no shadowing or 3d, all depends what u wanna do. fills can also be solid or dusty looking