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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Sep 6, 2004.

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  1. C-Lurk

    C-Lurk Senior Member

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    ...or request one with a Battle Mod?
  2. d_g

    d_g Elite Member

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    ^^Apparently so, they're glued down though and they might have reverse thread.

    Acres, to enter a battle go to the battle section of the forum and see what battles are running in the call out thread then PM your entry to the mod in charge.
  3. letsg0skate

    letsg0skate Senior Member

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    zig woodcrafts are refillable. Try turning it left and right though I always forget which way to turn it lol.
  4. Bazer

    Bazer Moderator

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    they turn right for some reason...
  5. mmmburgers

    mmmburgers Elite Member

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    is belton good?
    cause i was thinking of buying some...
  6. d_g

    d_g Elite Member

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    Yes it's good.
  7. mmmburgers

    mmmburgers Elite Member

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  8. d_g

    d_g Elite Member

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    Similar quality, personal preference really.
  9. Olick

    Olick Elite Member

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    ^^i like belton better too.
  10. Bets369R

    Bets369R Elite Member

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    Quality varies considerably from one color and sub-brand to the next. The "stops rust" black is the best black among the shwag brands. "Stops Rust" is their all-purpose line. The colors are somewhat run-resistant and generally cover well. Rustoleum brand paint works with almost every type of cap out there, though some hi-pressure caps do not work well. Rusto offers about 100 colors.
    Rustoleum: Painter's Touch
    This is the better brand of Rustoleum.
    Rustoleum: American Accents
    Ugly, watery, overspray... all things you will complain about if you use this paint.
    Again, quality is not consistent with every color. Watermelon is one of their best, Tomato and Stonewash Denim are among their worst, as are their yellows and many ugly pastels.

    Also, some of people's favorite colors have been discontinued. Krylon seems to have fewer colors than they used to. Discontinued colors sell for big bucks on Ebay.

    [SIZE=-1]As quality is concerned, Krylon is not bad, though it is far from the best. Some colors cover poorly; on a white wall, this will not matter, but when covering previous lines, the color beneath may show through. This is important, because if you don't want undercoats showing through, you will have to go back over the line again (thus using double the paint and also possibly creating deviations from the original line.)

    One of the biggest concerns (especially for novices, but pros as well) is drippiness. Krylon is definitely less drippy than generic paint, but compared with premium paints discussed below it is definitely more drippy.

    You can make a can of Krylon much better by simply turning a new can upside-down and spraying propellent for about 10 seconds. (spray cans have a straw that runs from the nozzle to the bottom of the can, so by turning a can upside-down, you spray out the propellent without the paint, thus reducing the pressure in the can). This will give you much better control of the spray.

    [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Krylon offers many lines of paint, but their "All-purpose spray paint" line is by far the largest with 52 colors, and when people say Krylon, they are usually referring to this product line.

    [/SIZE] Krylon All-Purpose Spray Paint
    This is Krylon's classic line of paint. It's the best Krylon brand overall. 52 colors offered. See here for details about good and bad colors.
    Krylon Satin Touch Spray Paint
    This is a line of mostly pastel colors. It's not bad, but only 13 colors are offered.
    Krylon H2O Latex
    This stuff sucks. "Water-based latex." The name says it all. 20 crappy colors.
    Spanish Montana (MTN)

    [SIZE=-1]Montana has two primary lines of paint: Hardcore, and Alien Art Concept.

    Montana is great paint for several reasons.

    The most important is the colors. Montana colors are bright. They cover great and they stand out, more than any other brand in most cases. They also have 124 colors to choose from, more than Rustoleum or Krylon offer.

    Another important quality is drip resistance. Montana paint is very drip-resistant. After getting used to Montana paint, using cheaper brands can be frustrating, because you will be accustomed to paint that sticks to the wall. On the other hand, when MTN does drip, it drips badly. The downside is that when MTN drips, it drips bad and if you can catch it you might as well wipe the drip off.

    Montana (and also Molotow, below) have a clever system for making it easier to identify your cans, too. Montana has a ring that fits the cap between the nozzle and the edge of the can indicating what color it is. If you've used Rustoleum or Krylon, you know how it can be tedious to figure out which can is which once the tops get mixed up. The ring prevents this problem.

    There are two major lines of Montana, the Harcore line and the Alien Art Concept line. The difference between the two is that the Hardcore line comes in 400ml (standard size) cans with high-pressure fixed-pressure valves, while the Alien line comes in 250ml variable-pressure valves. Variable-pressure means you can push down a little and get a light spray or push down hard and get a heavy spray. More about valves here.

    The MTN Montana cans also have two balls ("peas" is the industry term) in the can instead of one like Rusto and Krylon, making shaking/mixing faster and easier.
    [/SIZE] German Montana
    Overall, this paint is very similar to Belton Molotow. It is said by the company that the cans work properly in extreme temperatures from -38 to 48 degrees C (-36 to 118 F degrees F). German Montana offers two primary product lines, the "Black" and "Gold" lines.

    Due to the ethical concerns about this company described below, I've only tested a few cans of German Montana--not enough for certain assurance, but good for general comments at least.

    German Montana: Gold
    At first, it seemed the Gold line performed great. It has great variable-pressure control, and lower pressure overall than other brands; it can make really skinny lines, and it didn't drip too easily. The Gold line has 174 colors available at this writing. German Montana Gold has a matte finish.

    Once the paint dried, though, it didn't cover very well at all. We could see everything beneath the coat. This was tested with Shock Orange Dark 2020. Maybe other colors cover better, but this one didn't.

    German Montana: Black
    75 colors available. The Black line has a constant high-pressure valve like MTN Montana Hardcore. We tried a can of black and white. The black performed well but the white had lousy coverage.
    Belton Molotow
    Premium 400ml
    [SIZE=-1]Belton and Molotow are the same paint; Belton is the company name and Molotow is the name of the product line. But since Molotow is the only line Belton offers in the U.S.A., it's basically the same thing to us.

    Because it is a German company, it is actually pronounced "Molotov" like the cocktail you throw. In German, the "V" and the "W" are the same letter; it is written "W" and pronounced "V". This is why "wiener schnitzel" is pronounced "veener schnitzel." Since "Molotov" is consistent with the whole "bombing" metaphor, we say "Molotov."

    But anyway, about the paint.

    Like Montana, Molotow colors are bright, and highly drip-resistant. Molotow offers even more colors, now approaching 200 (at this writing, 20 new colors are under development).

    Molotow uses a variable-pressure system on all of their cans. This gives the artist more control over the spray than other brands (Montana Alien paint uses variable-pressure too, but not in 400ml cans).

    One important advantage of Molotow is that the paint works properly in extreme temperatures. When we were painting our store, it was wintertime and we had to keep the building ventilated because of the paint fumes, so it was very cold in the room. The Montana cans would freeze unless we kept them on the radiators. Molotow works in freezing weather.

    As colors go, Molotow is misleading: for reasons unknown, the color charts on the websites of the Belton company and U.S. distributor are inaccurate and unflattering. Many nice colors are shown to be greyish, whitish, or just plain ugly.

    Details about this below. But, the actual colors are very nice.

    Also, Molotow paint is reported to be more resistant to fading and chipping than the other brands named above.
    [/SIZE] Belton Molotow Transparents
    Belton released twelve new "transparent" colors in late 2006. It sounded like these could be great for shading. We tried transparent Ces Violet to see if the stuff was as good as it could be.

    Unfortunately, the transparent colors are nothing remarkable. They are very transparent, going on almost clear. After re-coating it until it was nice and visible, it broke out into drips.

    Spraying just one line over various colors with a New York Fat cap at close range, the line barely showed up over white and not at all over the colors.

    The transparents are probably useful for doing very subtle and precise shading, but you would have to go through a lot of it because the color is so thin. If you can afford that, then the transparent colors can do things you just can't do with other colors.

    But if cost is a factor, you probably won't like the new series.
  11. xtitansx0

    xtitansx0 Banned

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    where can i get syringes? im 14 and im not ordering off the internet
  12. intaout

    intaout Senior Member

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  13. d_g

    d_g Elite Member

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    A syringe is the plastic part minus needle.

    Most (if not all) pharmacy's/drug stores sell syringes. Depending on what size you need you can say you need it to make small measurements of a liquid, make up some science project bullshit. I've needed syringes before to give liquid medicine to my cats as well, used it for measuring and squirting on to their food.

    That story might not work if you need a big 50cc one or something though.
  14. LikeOner

    LikeOner Senior Member

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    How do I get my lines to be straighter? My hands are pretty shaky.
  15. -Leski

    -Leski Senior Member

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    Practice. Over and over, where no one will see it.
  16. LikeOner

    LikeOner Senior Member

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    Well, no ones seeing it anyway(except on here now and then), I'm talking about sketching in my book.
  17. blackbooksa are good for coming up with letters and shit, but it dosnt do shit for taken it to the wall or can control. find a practice spot and hit it nonstop
  18. LikeOner

    LikeOner Senior Member

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    No, no I'm not talking about can control, I don't even paint much. I'm talking about pen control, my sketches come out all shaky cause my hands shake.

    I can actually do straighter lines with paint since its more in the arm rather than the hands.
  19. Saxaphone

    Saxaphone Senior Member

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    just practice loads, i remember when i first started and all my lines were incredibly shaky but now there not as bad. with a bit more practice my lines should be good.
  20. d_g

    d_g Elite Member

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    Try messing with turning the paper, my horizontal lines own my vertical ones. But I'm starting to get better. Try different speeds as well, fast lines generally are straighter. Might be easier for you to learn fast accurate lines than slow unshaky ones if you know what I mean.

    But yeah, practice is pretty much the only way.