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Quotes to live by?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Saika, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. CRN-one

    CRN-one Senior Member

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    I think you meant gayest quote ever

    those stupid commercials led to a generaion of young kids saying "true, true" after everything, like retarded parrots.

  2. beltonuk

    beltonuk Banned

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    the best quote ever comes from the bible itself at the very begining
    genesis chapter 1 verse 12
    "i give you all the seed bearing herbs and plants to use"
  3. Pryze$

    Pryze$ Senior Member

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    wow no1 even sed this at all


    idc if is a lame quote but is 1 i follow
  4. C-Lurk

    C-Lurk Senior Member

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    ^I love your avatar!

    My life-quote would have to be

    "Make It Happen."
  5. Pryze$

    Pryze$ Senior Member

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    lol my Guns N Roses pic, lol yea they rule up the ass!!!!
  6. JetBlack

    JetBlack Elite Member

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    "That doesnt make me gay, does it?"

    If you have to ask, you probably already know the answer.

    JEDI-MASTER Elite Member

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    110. I live my life without regret, at one point its what I wanted
    111. Those that can, do, and those who can not, teach…
    112. [FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']"You only see what you got, when it's gone”-waster 12[/FONT]
    113. [FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']Rest In Paint/Rest In Power/Rest In Paradise[/FONT]
    114. Suicide is man's way of saying to God, "You can't fire me! I quit!"
    115. Violence is the American way
    116. Everything is linked to a series of events
  8. dmorf

    dmorf Senior Member

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    "art is what you can get away with" -andy warhol
  9. SEZ

    SEZ Senior Member

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    mine would be dmorf is gay
  10. dmorf

    dmorf Senior Member

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    sez's e-dick is huge.
  11. SEZ

    SEZ Senior Member

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    you should see it in real life...
  12. seaslug

    seaslug Member

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    "good times are only possible after bad times. the rough makes us who we are, until then, goodness renders a false sense of conciousness."
  13. SEZ

    SEZ Senior Member

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    im too fried too make sense of that
  14. Slushi

    Slushi Banned

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    "Your a poo face." -**MATEO**
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2007
  15. C-SONE

    C-SONE Senior Member

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    "What good is the goal if you stay below it"
  16. conart

    conart Senior Member

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    when your life flashes before your eyes make it worth watching
  17. TheKors

    TheKors Senior Member

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    'If you take risks, you may fail. If you do not take a risk, you will surely fail. The Greatest risk of all is to do nothing.'
    Oh and

    'Coco Pops Crunchers can you handle the Crunch?'
  18. tuckfoys

    tuckfoys Senior Member

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    Life is a bitch, ask the fool that just dug his own ditch.
  19. xtitansx0

    xtitansx0 Banned

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    white pride world wide
  20. unknownbomber

    unknownbomber Senior Member

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    Stay Up.....or Be Forgotten