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R.i.p Zewl

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 8-BallChamp, Sep 22, 2004.

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  1. Malicious artist

    Malicious artist Senior Member

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  2. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    miss you babe
    sorry i missed your birthday
  3. AliasUnknown

    AliasUnknown Member

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  4. tenrs

    tenrs Member

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    Its been 2 years, wild reminder I had though, went throught the yards with one of my boys, and happened to see the RIP ZEWLR freight I painted for him, got me thinking, then I realized the actual day it was.. Just happened to be Sept. 22.. Exactly 2 years from the day.. shit works in weird ways.. anyway, much love to my homie Zewl, his boys, crew, etc, and especially his brother who I grew to know since then.. Definatly pourin' one out for you tonight Zewl.. R.I.P. Zewl, see you when I get there..
  5. bosny

    bosny Senior Member

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    RIP. never had the chance to meet him. he was a dope writer but also, i am told, a great person.
  6. tycoonin

    tycoonin Senior Member

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    never new of him before i read this thread but his shyt looks sick.....r.i.p
  7. Seek38

    Seek38 Senior Member

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    Man that sucks RIP zewl I never met u personally but Ive seen some of ur stuff..

    DUSTER Senior Member

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    omg dude r.i.p this guy is skilled omg
    R.I.P zu´L ;)
  9. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

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    miss seein him post here, he was really skilled and filled with talent.

    rip. King ZEWLAAAAAA!
  10. Style Hommie

    Style Hommie Member

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    R.I.P ZEWL.

    Even if i dont know you, i see that your skilled, sucks you died.Ill make a sketch just for you, and my quotes on my pieces are gonna be R.I.P ZEWL.

    Rest in peace man , it sucks that your negatif side took over, we all have more talent then we think, just gotta find it,

  11. killah-EF

    killah-EF Elite Member

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    rip jsutin i miss ya bro...i think fo you everyday...i mean.....i know you ear me......i know u feel me...i feel you...........i know you is watching the old hommies.......i respects your chocies.....regardless


  12. killah-EF

    killah-EF Elite Member

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    tru say......zuel i cant stop thinking about you...i feel like fuckin killiogn ymself sometimes jsut to sip mone last colt45 with you god
  13. Style Hommie

    Style Hommie Member

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    Rip Zewl, I dont know you, but its sad.I respect your choice.You had lots of skillz, lots of friends and you where loved.It sucks you had to end your life like that.Your friends, family will miss you.I dont know you but i stilled cried after seeing what everyone wrote for you.Life is so precious, its important be on the right track,I made a sketch for you.Im a toy, but hey im only 13 so i still got time to get better and reach your level.The sketch was done with my pens so its not that good.As long as you understand what im saying.RIP ZEWL.You where loved and will alwayz be.What youve created is a master piece.

    [Broken External Image]:

    [Broken External Image]:

    Writting in the 514-450

  14. Moderator

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    ill pour some out for you man. rest in paint.
  15. doc1

    doc1 Elite Member

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    i did not know the guy, but i give my whole heart to his family i know what it feels like to lose a frend and to his family a son or brother. I know the pain and i would never wish that one anybody, again RIP
    paint in peace
  16. AliasUnknown

    AliasUnknown Member

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    for sure to that ^. rest in power!
  17. Optical_virus

    Optical_virus Member

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    Rip ZEWL , :( a tragic loss.
    a cool name i might add as well.. condolences to his friends and family immediate and close friends.

  18. CoKKeYONe

    CoKKeYONe Senior Member

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    i just read 10 pages and had to post
    RIP man, mad skillz

    my friend died recently, i understand his friends now
    he committed suicide that's fuckin shit... :( :( :( can't believe

    STONES ONES Senior Member

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    thought about this man the other day.

    RIP boner
  20. Jroc1993

    Jroc1993 Elite Member

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    from wat ive seen and hear Zewl was an amazing artist and friend RIP